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This is The Moment of the BIG REVEAL ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and The Love of Our Infinite Creator,

As the infinite Cosmic frequencies reach the Earth from your Galaxy center, Many of your Star Families are directing them towards the Earths Core. The Earth is also receiving the 6th degree Light Ray from the 7 of The One, who are moving towards Earth in these Moments, from the Outer Edge of your Solar system.

Many of your Star families are allowing for their Vessels to be seen in your skies. It is the Moment of the Big Reveal in your time space. Where all that's hidden is seen. This is playing out in your Collectives awareness, through whistleblowers coming forth to claim their knowing of our existence. But We, your Star brothers and sisters, are also helping to advance the Timeline of the 5th Degree awareness, So many of us, your star families, will begin to actively materialize in your vision. Some will see us directly, while others will see us as Brilliant Light.

Some will notice cloud formations that are just not Natural. Many of us use, what you would understand, as hologram cloaking, That make the appearance of our Ships look like Clouds in your Skies.

Most of us can not be detected by your Militaries different radar systems, Because of the differences in the frequencies of our vessels. Your Militaries Technologies, can not detect the Higher frequency vessels, as of yet. However, we must still stay cautious, due to the Dark that still has somewhat of a control on your Planet.

Thousands of our Massive Living Vessels of Light are now surrounding Your Planet. Each one emanating and projecting the Divines Infinite Light Codes to help reconnect the altered and Damaged DNA Throughout your Earth. The Earth herself is projecting brilliant boosts of High frequencies, coming from her Core, and emanating outwards towards her mantle, to help with this Process.

Humanity is being surrounded By Love. The Higher Love that the Earth and all her inhabitants are now receiving will totally dissolve the Final strong holds of The Matrix.

This will allow for the veil to finally be lifted from your Eyes. We are all working diligently to advance the Ascension of Mother Earth and her Children. This is her choice, and is the Will of the Divine.

As The Light intensifies, Your reality as you know will begin to Shift. Everything, will begin to move towards a Better way, a 5D society where all are cared for, and no one needs to suffer, and all are free to grow spiritually.

The Light will also block the old prophecies that many still on your Earth believe in. Yes, In your ancient Writings, it speaks that Light would return. However, The Darks Manipulation of all your ancient text, has put a massive fear into the collective consciousness of Humanity.

The Light has returned, but the Light isn't here to cause Chaos or destruction. it is here to Raise The Earth and Humanity into the Higher State of Consciousness. The Dark ones have tried very hard to push the fear of their agenda of Armageddon. A Big portion of your Collective still believe in these supposed foreseen prophecies, so they are still helping to push the darks agenda. Nevertheless, These individuals do not know what they do. They do not understand that Their Beliefs create their reality. Many are so much in fear of these prophecies that They will cause themselves to not be able to make the ascension advancement.

The Light that is surrounding you and hitting every dark crack of your Earth is changing everything. It will block all that the dark has tried, or will try, to achieve. There is nothing to fear. You are Loved and you are protected by the Infinite Love and Light.

There are those who are attempting at the Moment to cause harm through their energy weapons, altering weather and Fires, and even creating Hurricanes and Earthquakes. These attempts are the Dark trying to bring in their Agenda By Force. Causing as much chaos, destruction, and death that they can.

All of the Dark ones will be held accountable for their actions against this Earth and Humanity. The Earth herself Is trying to fight back against these attacks. You must remember that this is the Last planet to be liberated from the Darkness. so, The Dark ones are fighting hard to take as many souls with them, as they can, through Fear.

When everything around you is in Chaos, it is much harder to sustain your strength and inner power. We offer some guidance if you wish, to allow for the release of any fear that might be holding you from your ascension process.

When surrounded by chaos and others who are in great fear and distress. Stop where you are.... Take a deep breath. Breathing the Beautiful Light Rays coming from your Infinite Creator who Loves you so. Breathe out any fear of the Unknown that's ahead of you, for you are a divine warrior of Light, there to be the Beacon for all others to see. Stand tall in your knowing of your Truth. You are the Child of the Infinite. Claim your Birthright of Divinity.

The Light works through you, all you must do is ask of it, and you shall receive. When you claim your Power, you become the Rescuer instead of the One Needing rescued. You become the One in control of the situation instead of the one sitting in fear. The Dark is trying their last attempts at control, But this isn't something that you need to worry about. The Work has already been done. The Light has already Won. Everything the Dark ones attempt to do, will be transformed to light.

You as our Star seeds and Wanderers, have laid the Path and shined your Light, for the mass awakening in these times, to help your Earthly Brothers and Sisters, find their way home. Your Light is being amplified in these moments to brighten the Path. Raise your Light high in Love.

All of Creation is in Celebration.

We await all of you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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