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THE WINDOW IS OPEN~ The Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

As the new year frequencies were anchored across your earth plane there was a monumental reopening of a series of alternate reality spaces across the planet. These expansive multidimensional reality spaces contain vast sacred meeting points that naturally create a more authentic Network of Light to flow and build throughout the planet. This expansive Network re-establishes the completed multidimensional structures within the Vortexes, Portals, and Ley Lines within the earth plane. With these higher, functioning structures you are being given a more complete multidimensional setting in which to become self-realized within your Heart.

Simultaneously to the re-opening of many alternate reality spaces, the Earth’s magnetic core began a first-time reconnection to the sacred Wormholes that have always existed within the universal planes. This forging brings Earth into a direct alignment to the sacred fragments of the hierarchy of light that has previously been beyond Earth’s capacity.

At the final stage of sunset on the last day of your calendar year you may have witnessed the window opening beginning to mirror this energetic phase, as the Magnetic Core reconnected to these sacred Wormholes. The ‘window’ simultaneously held an aspect of the first stage of birthing reflections of a higher path being created ready for these sacred fragments of light to enter your Earth. This was a radiating spectacle of glorious light entering your planet in readiness for the great shifts. A sacred moment being revealed to humanity. A celebration as the New Year was heralded by this vibrational light, which was imminently to anchor on the earth plane!

You as a planet are rejoining the Universal community within the higher realms of operating systems. Those of you who are on a conscious awakened path are now able to interact and operate from your Heart’s center within this higher realm systems of communion consciousness. There is a collective frequency that is functioning across the earth plane and interacting through your own sacred Heart systems. You have been linked back to this natural setting to Universal Communion.

You are going to feel, recognize the call through your own Heart. A call of your Heart, (with) which you have a unique frequency of active consciousness. Your heart cells are responding to the vibration created by the hierarchy of light, as this light is interacting within each heart cell individually. The light is activating a dormant transmitter within each heart cell. Your heart cells are beginning to pulse on a different vibrational channel than ever before, being linked back to pure source. Being recreated to fulfill the potential of a complete alliance within the pure frequencies held in these sacred multidimensional Wormholes.

Your Heart recognizes the sacred Timelines that are being re-established now on Earth through the reopening of many alternate reality spaces. The true frequency of Time is about shifting your perceptions through the avenue of your multidimensional Heart. Allowing the full essence within your heart cells within your sacred Heart to be your only guiding light, aligning you into your sacred intelligence. You then begin to work directly through an authentic reference point within your Heart.

This is achievable through a conscious action by you of returning to Be. To become an authentic aspect of your multidimensional Heart.

The expanded energetic framework is now in place. This is to create the alignments necessary for you to reconnect to your Heart’s multidimensional tool on a very different vibrational level than at any other time in the history of your planet.

Your New Year has heralded in the perfect sacred frequency settings establishing a higher energetic framework for a next step for you to take. Be still and witness yourself transform through this sacred collective frequency that you have always been a part. You have an operational place within this collective consciousness within your Heart. An authentic link. Through your active participation within these collective frequencies, within your Heart you can begin to play a much more conscious active role in the transmutation of your planet’s vibrational webbing.

Your Heart is naturally linked within the Earth’s vibrational Web. Each time you consciously align through your Heart you enter the Web. Through the Webbing you reconnect to your natural authentic nature to manifest abundance on all levels. This Web is designed to nourish the physical systems in your body so that you can thrive, strengthen your physical systems to complete that what you have come here to achieve, your mission.

Remember those or you in physical bodies are to play the most significant role in the transmutation of Earth. and only you can truly support the main shifts of consciousness that are necessary at this juncture.

Our role is to support through offering levels of clarity while holding an energetic Platform, while you are the only ones who can actively create the main energetic changes necessary at this time for all of humanity.

This is the moment for your active self-launching. Through your Heart you can enter and align to your higher consciousness path and to stabilize within this higher energetic of Self.

There are the prophecies that talk of this time and the great changes that are upon those of you who are in the throes of awakening.

There is an energetic Timeline that has been set in motion within your earth plane during the forging process of the Magnetic Core to the Wormholes within the Universal planes. This Timeline gives you the opportunity to work beyond the limitation created by the 3rd dimensional illusion of time. As you move forward you will be enabled to enter the fluid state of consciousness within your own Heart to fulfill the changes that are required at this juncture on Earth.

This is all part of an aspect, a next phase of the ‘New Dawning Prophecy’.

Know that we, the Pleiadians witness you. We hold the energetic container steady for you to transform and transmute. You can call on us for energetic support at any moment. Our dedication as part of a Universal team is to support you in your individual steps of returning.


The Pleiadians

The Pleiadian Message for January 2024, Channeled By Christine Day at


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