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The Unlimited Power Of Your Soul ~ 7D Pleiadians

If You Could Only See And Understand The Power Of Your Being! You Are Here By Choice And This Is One Of Many Waking Dreams. You Would Never Have Come Back To A Planet Of Duality Without Ample Gifts Available To See You Through. Sometimes, A Pause And A Deep Breath Will Lead You Back To Truth.

In This Communication, We Will Offer Assistance To Remind You Of The Unlimited Power Of Your Soul. There Is One Universal Energy Which Is Spirit. You Are Connected To All Life With Frequencies Unseen To Human Eyes. Your Very Body Form Is A Projection Of An Energy Construct That Is Almost Entirely Space. It Appears As Solid While Cells Dissolve And Disappear Continually With The Replacement Of More Cells. You Are Not Living In The Same Body You Arrived With. You Are Creating Your Life Each Moment.

With The Life Force Of One Eternal Consciousness, You Move And Live And Have Your Being. Through The Ethers Of Awareness You Move Through Levels Of Vibrational Frequencies That Take You On Many Journeys. The Depth Of Understanding Is Often Not Gleaned Until You Pass Through Many Obstacles. Knowing That Everything Is Here To Serve You Will Bring Comfort And Healing To A Troubled Mind.

The Most Important Aspect Of Life For Anyone To Embrace On Earth Is To Become Familiar With What Is Real And Lasting, And What Is An Illusion. Your Connection In Divine Awareness Of The Infinite Is The Pathway Of Peace. What Is Real? Aspects That Do Not Change. Love, Spirit And Consciousness Live In The Power Of Light! This Energy Lives Within All Souls And Is Accessed By Your Own Choice.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Energy Field And What Is Allowed In Your Awareness Is A Continual Method Of Great Importance. Do Not Dwell On The Negative Side Of Achieving Optimum Results But Know In Truth That Each Person Is Responsible For Clearing And Cleaning Their Aura And Energy Fields. Without Knowing Spiritual Tools Are Available, Attacks Will Come In All Directions. Do Not Allow This To Be A Difficult Task But Rather Part Of Beginning Each Day.

The First Thing To Do As You Begin Each New Day Is To Feel Gratitude That You Are Still Here In Form By Choice. Feel The Presence Of God Or The Divine Spirit Pulsing Through Your Body And Mind. Make Communing And Meditation Part Of Your Life And It Will Serve You In All Moments. Imagine A Field Of Light Around You And Perceive A Created Shield. You Will Have This Protective Light Throughout The Day. It Will Serve You Well. Let Us Explore This Further.

Your Light Shield Is Sacred. It Will Prevent And Dispel The Energy Of Psychic Attacks. This Awareness Of Love In Power Will Heal Your Emotions As Thoughts Align With The Frequency Of Health And Well Being. Light Is Within All Cells Of Your Body And With Your Own Choice, This Light Is Activated.

The Same Energy That Moves The Clouds And Brings Rain To Parched Land And Animals, Is Breathing You And Beating Your Heart. There Is Nothing To Fear As Love Is Always With You. No Person Is Alone As Spirit Connects You To All Other Lives.

But What About Verbal Attacks And Those On Social Media Platforms? There Is A Magnificent Answer For Those That Feel The Pain Of The Energy That Pierces Their Being. You Can Be Free With A Wonderful Result! Follow This Practice Until It Becomes A Reflex Of Habit. Never Feel The Energy Of Attack Again. Before You Enter A Domain Of Chaotic Energy That Was Designed To Draw You Into Conflict With Words Of Hate And Criticism, Stop And Breathe. Put On Your Light Armor And See Your Light Shield In Place. You Are Ready. Now We Move Further.

You Read The Comment Quickly. Do Not Remain To Read It Again. Your Intention Is Not To Ever Be Reactive. Allow Your Shield To Do The Work. The Energy Of The Projected Attack Can Go No Further Than Your Shield. If It Is Not Received By You, The Energy Of The Attack Returns To The Person That Sent It! This Is A Universal Law And One That You Have At Your Disposal As A Sacred Soul. This Is A Process That Is Instigated Throughout The Pleiades As We Continually Command That Light Is Our Power And Shield. Be Free And Never Allow The Ego Construct To React When You Can Send The Energy Back To Its Source. Well Done, Beloved One!

Words Have Energy. Choose Your Words And Thoughts Carefully. Each Communication To Others And To Yourself, Matters. Never Say Anything That You Do Not Wish To Amplify. Your Brain Is Creating Neurons And Tracts That Intensify Your Words Into Actions. Thinking Negative Thoughts About Yourself Will Cause You To Believe Them Over Time. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind With High Vibrational Thoughts Of Love, Peace And Perfect Health. Only Good Is Before You. Believe This And Repeat It Until It Is Your Reality.

The Ego Construct Of Personality Has A Lower Vibrational Frequency. The Soul Is The Frequency Of God. This Divine Spirit Is Who You Are In Your Essence. You Only Need To Become Aware Of The Light That Expresses All Life!

Be Free, Beloved Ones!

You Were Meant To Thrive And Have Peace!

Discover The Gift Of Your Light Shield And Use It With The Light Of Spirit!


I Love You So!


ORIGINAL TITLE, Light Shields. Pleiadians of 7D Tay-geta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @FamilyofTay-geta on X


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Feb 14

Oh boy...everyday it's something new. I am not critical too much of myself, thankfully..but not happy at my words today..sorta caught myself gossiping on the phone half the noon.

Good part is I caught it, bad part is that I'm still doing it.

I'm a work in progress 😌


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