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THE UNKNOWN... IS UNVEILED ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

During this your Month of October in your Timespace, the wall between the realms and dimensions Thins slightly for you to witness the Many beings beyond your physical existence.

However, The Beautiful Rays of Cosmic Frequencies are breaking through The blindness that you perceive as the Veil. That veil is being removed completely as many of you are rising out of the Darkness. Many of you are beginning to witness Movement within the Other Realms and Dimensions, that has been previously Hidden from your Eyes. Some of you are seeing, hearing or sensing things you can't explain. You will perceive the lower vibrational beings, as well as many higher vibrational ones, moving around you as you go about your daily lives. The Higher you raise out of the Darkness, the easier it will be for you to witness all the activity and busyness that is constantly in movement all around you, everywhere.

You will perceive the Lowest vibrational ones first, they are as Parasites and will run in your presence if you are emitting High Vibrations.

They will first appear as shadows and dark spots or shapes. They can swarm like insects and often are following low vibrational individuals.

They live within the Lower 4th degree Realms, and are nothing to be concerned about. As you move higher in the Light you will begin to physically see What has been hidden from you.

These lower Entities can not harm you, as you are moving higher in vibration, than they can attach themselves too. You must remember that these entities have always been here, but you are just now beginning to witness them around you. The reason you are now witnessing them is because you are raising beyond them in vibration.

If you are in the presence of someone who is not of high vibration, you will possibly witness these parasites feeding off of those peoples' energy field. They reach inside their victim's minds to generate fear and other lower emotions that they can feed on.

These entities can be cleared or removed, if needed, by burning Sage or Palo Alto wood. Nevertheless, your Vibration is the key to completely removing them.

You will also begin to witness the beings you know as shadow people, who are beings of the lower 4th dimensional Realms, and have been able to interact with the 3rd degree physical plane.

These entities are Low 4th degree vibration, and lurk in the shadows, hiding and deceiving. You will now be able to see them, they too will not be able to be within your presence for long periods, because they are on the opposite end of the 4th degree, Than you are in these moments.

You will also begin to be able to witness, The Hybrids of the Lower vibrational races, That are shape-shifters and deceivers, in a much different manner. You will see them for what they truly are. They will no longer be able to hide. Their Technology and shapeshifting abilities only deceive those of lower vibration.

Nevertheless, as stated before within the presence of higher Frequency beings, none of these Lower Vibrational entities can withstand the High Vibration of Love and will run away or move quickly out of range.

You will also begin to perceive and witness the Higher Light beings as well, beginning with those of the 5th degree realms. Flashes of Light, glowing orbs, and Angelic Rays are some of the First Perceptions of our Presence. We are with you, standing beside you as you move about your perceived existence. Your many Guides, from Ancestors to The Angelic's are always with you.

Your many Star Families are also walking with you daily. Working with you as you perceive your Inner Beingness. Your Divine Voice Within relays our messages to you. We speak to your Heart. We help guide you through this waking dream.

You are about to witness Creation in it's wholeness. your eyes are about to open to everything That has been hidden from you.

The Unknown is about to be revealed to you. Understand there is no need for fear because you are the one in control. You can choose what energies you wish to hold.

The lower vibrational entities will be seen, but, do not fear them, for they fear you. you are a Beautiful Being of Light, and they no longer have any power in your presence. Stand in Light, Beloved Ones, you are about to enter the 5th Degree of Consciousness.

All of Creation is in Celebration. We await all of you in Joyous reunion. You are the Masters Returning Home. We love you and Honor you. In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator. We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

Channeled By Chellea, At


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