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The Spirit of Life and DNA ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends Of Light!

We Continue To Guide You To The Truth Of Your Own Being! As The Communication Of Spirit Allows You To Receive Information On Your Origin Of Soul, Be Assured That Each Cell Of Your Body Is Communicating In Ways That Would Amaze The Most Awakened Among You!

In These Moments Together, We Will Reveal To You The Manner Of Ongoing Communication Of Spirit And Matter. Indeed, Your Very Essence On Earth Is Divinely Connected To The Spirit Of All Creation.

Science Has Afforded Mankind A Vast Knowledge Of The Body And The Intricate Functions. But The Main Component Of Spirit Has Never Been Addressed. Indeed, Imagine For A Moment That All Scientists And Physicians Were Schooled In The Aspects Of The Body-Mind Connection And That Spiritual Intention Is Alive Within Each Fiber Of Your Being That Is Seen And Unseen!

We Will Begin With Chromosomes That Are Present In All Cells. These Unseen Creations Reflect The Appearance And Expression Of Male And Female As Soul Choices. There Are Twenty Three Pairs Of Chromosomes With The Twenty Third Pair Depicting A Great Difference Of Expression. Females Have Two Copies Of The X Chromosome While Males Have One X And One Y Chromosome. These Thread-Like Structures Are Composed Of DNA.

As We Have Shared The Power Of DNA In Previous Communications, We Will Briefly Review This Topic Of Interest. The Name Deoxyribonucleic Acid Is Given As The Information Center For Which Genetics Are Understood. Forensics Are Utilized To Solve Crimes As Paternity Is Revealed With The Codes Of Genetic Makeup. Indeed, Your Physiology Is A Map Of Your Being In Form!

DNA Comprises Each Chromosome As Genes Tell The History And Reflection Of Hair, Eyes And Skin Color. The Mannerisms Of Movement And Interests Can Often Be Seen With The Power Of Genes. Most Genes Are The Same Between Humans But A Small Percentage Of Differentiation Allows That Vast Expressions That Allow You To Be Different In Form!

A Minute Portion Of DNA Is There As A Coding Mechanism To Allow The Facilitation Of Proteins Necessary For Human Life In Form. Almost The Entire Amount Of DNA Is Noncoding And Was Once Promoted As 'Junk DNA’. As We Have Always Shared Truth, There Is A Purpose For Everything!

Not Only Is There A Physical Purpose For All DNA As The Regulatory Elements That Turn Genes On And Off And Create Sites For Ongoing Life, There Is A Much Larger Operation In Place. Have You Considered Spirit?

Spirit Is Everything, All At Once And Never Ending! The Explosion Of Life Into Form Begins As Spirit With Consciousness And Awareness. This Essence Of Being Is The Soul With Individual Awareness Yet Part Of All Life. You Are This Soul!

DNA Is Somewhat Of A Conduit Of Spirit In Operation. Everything Is A Manifestation From Intent. Spirit Chose To Become Human. There Needed To Be A Magnificent Vehicle To Explore Life In All Aspects. You Live In This Creation Of Body Form With Senses, Emotions And Viability. You Are Still Here In Form. The Intention Of This Life Is Designed By Your Soul.

Spirit Is The Essence Of Each Soul. You Are Infinitely Connected To Your Life In Origin As You Incarnate Into Waking Dreams Or You Travel And Explore. As You Meditate, You Will Find Solace Within As You Understand The Truth Of Your Very Being. You Are Life Itself.

The Mystery Of Your Body Is Made Clear With Knowing The Intricacies Are Part Of Spirit Manifesting.

The Wonder Of The Ages Is The Magnificence Of The Light You Carry! Love Your Body And The Intricate Manner That It Serves For A Moment In Timelessness. Never Hesitate To Speak To Your Organs, Your Heart, Your Eyes And Your Circulatory System With Gratitude. You Are Sustained By Spirit Before Any Operation Of Form.

To Elder IKAI, You Are Kishapolee. Pleiadians Know This Sacred Phrase As 'Child Of Mine’.

Indeed, You Are The Beloved Ones!

We Love You So!


Original Title, DNA And Spirit. Pleiadians of 7D Taygeta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @Familyoftaygeta on X


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