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The Pleiadian Collective ~ Moving Forward In Truth

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth! In The Clarity Of Your Inner World, There Is Peace. Finding This Place As Your Safe Haven Will Change The Energy Of Your Outer World As Nothing Happens Outside Until It Is Established Within. The Way Has Been Eased For You By Prophets, Mystics And Seers For Thousands Of Years. Now You Find Yourself In The Precipice Of Change Throughout The Planet. To Survive These Changes Of War And Discord, Become The Outcome That You Seek. You Are Still Here So You Understand That You Have Survived And Grown Throughout This Waking Dream. There Is A Sense That Many Obstacles That Once Littered Your Path Have Been Cleared Away! You Have Done Much Of The Clearing On Your Own With Choices And Variables. You Have Never Been Alone As Friends Walk Among You From Higher Realms. At Last You Have The Opportunity To Integrate The Understandings Of Complexity With Hardships To Events Of Great Joy And Moving Forward In Your Story! Nothing Is Wasted As We Reiterate In Love Throughout Your Dream! Move Forward, Beloved One! For Nothing Is Behind But Energy Moving You Ever Toward Sheen! The Seemingly Unending Spiral Of Difficulties Served A Purpose Of Contrast To Show You The Brilliant Light That You Carry! And The Recognition Is Unmistakable That From This Point Forward, The Journey Leads Within! These Moments Will Guide You To Spend Time Alone In Blessed Isolation. For The Love From Your Higher Self Will Speak To You In Healing Waves As Barriers Of Light Surround You! A Field Of Sacred Light Is Created To Assure Dark Energy Is Pushed Far From Your Being! The Greater The Peace Found In These Moments Alone, The Greater The Clarity Will Be That Speaks Volumes Of Truth To Your Being. For There Has Never Been Anything In The Outer World That Will Fill The Place That Spirit Dwells. You Are Becoming Your True Self As You Distance Yourself From The Mundane World That You Once Believed Was So Real! Be Blessed As The Sacred Souls In Many Disguises That You Are! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So!

Laka of the Pleiadian Collective Channeled through, Family of Taygeta @FamilyofTaygeta on Twiiter


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