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Side Note from Universal Lighthouse, This kind of Uprising is happening even within the States at these Moments, in Texas about the Border and in many major cities about stopping the wars. Remember to keep "Peace" in your Hearts!!!!!! Love you all So Much.


We are happy to support you, dear children of the Earth, in these very disturbing times that you are beginning to experience and that you will continue to experience. In your country of France, many demonstrations are starting to emerge and this will continue.

Why will this continue for some time? Because, quite simply, it is not only a question of salary or other demands. but more particularly, behind all this, there is the wish, the growing wish of a people who expressly ask their rulers to be recognized and respected .

As you have been able to realize since the effects of the pandemic. there is on the part of your rulers and, we would say more precisely on the part of the world government, an emphasis on the European and other peoples, of various manipulations in order to keep you in a position of dependence and diminished freedom.

European people feel all this more and more and understand that there is only one way to demonstrate it, which is to demonstrate it, but to demonstrate it without violence. This is what we recommend to you. NO VIOLENCE ! The less violence there is, the more weight it will have on your rulers.

The latter are used to scuffles in the streets during demonstrations and if there are any they know very well that it will stop at a certain point. The “thugs”, as you call them, are also manipulated by governments, have no doubt about it.

So, coming back to what is happening in your country of France, what emerges from these demonstrations is quite simply the great awareness of the manipulations and the lack of respect towards the people as a whole.

This means that a new way of living is coming to you. For what ? Because, after these demonstrations which will “snowball”, as you say, towards other trades and professions, nothing will be the same.

The new awareness will strongly impact government decisions. and we would say European governments which will have to change their bureaucratic regulations which are unsuitable for real life in your countries.

Why will this impact governments? Because until now the European peoples demonstrated, yes, by categories of professions but never the whole of all professions united in this demand for respect.


It may surprise you that we say this because you don't really understand it. But we, your Brothers of Light, from the places where we find ourselves, we see an enormous change in the energies of earthly human beings.

These energies are more and more accentuated in the sense that they demonstrate what we talked about above. that is to say the demand for RESPECT for each human being, RESPECT for their work, their life and their FREEDOM of living and thinking.

Until now in Europe you thought you were in countries of freedom. But, since the pandemic, you have realized your error, your great error since time and time immemorial.

So you react. Something has been implanted in you, in your mind, in your heart that makes you say STOP to all these manipulations. You begin to understand that you are FREE BEINGS, free to think, to choose, to share, to respect etc….

Children of planet Earth, as we have just said: THE NEW CONSCIENCE IS ON THE MARCH! We are present with you to support you with our Love, our Light, but we repeat it again: we will not do things for you. It is up to you to understand that the change you want on your planet in your humanity needs to happen within yourself, by yourself and in calm, especially WITHOUT VIOLENCE.

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth, trust in your New Consciousness, trust in the guidance of your Divine Beings deep within you. Your souls wish that, finally, the humans to whom they give life achieve Peace and Serenity in their lives.

We accompany you with great Love.

Original Title, The New Consciousness is on the move! Channeled by Marie-Josée Andichou at

Translated from French by 


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