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The Moment Approaches ~ ASHTAR

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I'M ASHTAR SHERAN!

It is with great joy that I confirm to all of you the work that was done in the previous days. The energy generated at that location was expanded to the planet. Gaia received all the Love generated by you in those moments.

No, we are not disappeared, nor without function. We have been very vigilant in your skies. Helping to contain everything they try to do to make situations worse. We are not stopped, we have not left. On the contrary, we are preparing for The Big Day. The day of our final revelation.

I assure you, it will not be an easy day.

Understand, my brothers, there are still many wrong beliefs on the surface of your planet. And all those who still vibrate these beliefs will not easily accept our presence. Because you will be induced to think that we are here to conquer you, to wage war with you, to dominate the planet.

We know that those who know and respect us are already a large number on the planet. I can't say yet that it's in balance. Unfortunately not. But the Light continues to act. And it works to bring the truth to each person’s mind; so that the heart perceives the truth, always the truth.

So, even those who today have the beliefs that we are not good, at the moment, their hearts will vibrate differently. And I could even say that they will be confused for a while. “They told me they were evil, but that’s not what I’m feeling.” And many will change their vibrations towards us. And it will be at that moment, when the Illuminated will become the majority on the planet. And a whole process of revelations will begin.

Not to bring peace. Unfortunately. It will be a time of revolts. It will be a very strange time. But, as we have said for a long time: This process will not be easy. Many are already suffering the consequences of their actions. And many more will suffer. The planet is being cleaned. And the way each person reacts to each cleaning, whether physical, spiritual or material, determines the path that will unfold ahead.

A path to new learning may open up and perhaps even reach the Fifth Dimension. For those who are enlightened, it could be a path, a shortcut, to get there. And for those who don't adapt to anything, it will be a long way off the planet. But you already know that. I'm not saying anything new here.

We are all in the sky of your planet, waiting for the definitive moment, the decisive moment. Unfortunately, we cannot say dates here. Don't listen to dates. Because everything will be done, so that there is the greatest protection for all of you. Each point of darkness that is destroyed becomes less of a threat to you. There is still something to be done.

Just watch, the things that will start to happen. Don't rebel and, above all, don't be afraid. Because what they want is exactly that, to spread fear on the planet, so that the Light that arrives does not reach their hearts. But we will not allow that. But, unfortunately, the choice is up to each person. It is your choice to know what will vibrate: fear, confusion, joy. We don't know what each one will vibrate.

As you often say, in theory, everything is very easy. But when we show up and you see us, face to face, on your planet, what will the reaction be like? Even from those of you who claim that you love and respect us. What will it be like? We have unconditional Love and we will know how to understand all reactions. Because it won't be the first planet we've passed through this. We've been through thousands. So, this process is nothing new for us.

The first contact is not beautiful, it is not loving. As time goes by, yes, we will connect more and more. And the time will come when you will look at us as equals. Many of us look like you, but many do not. And everyone will be on the surface of the planet. There will be no distinction of race to land here.

Of course, we will start with humanoids, so that the impact is smaller. But as time passes, everyone will land and everyone will introduce themselves. And we really hope that the human race accepts and respects us. Love is a step further. If there is no fear and there is respect, we will have already gained a lot.

So be ready. Because this could happen at any time. Be ready. But, above all, know that our unconditional Love will never do anything; I repeat, nothing against you. Even if you attack us, we will not fight back. Wait. Because the moment is approaching.

Original Title, Ashtar Sheran– The Moment Approaches

Channeled by Vania Rodriguez at

Translated from Portuguese by

Note from Universal Lighthouse...

We do wish to make a comment about The Name Ashtar Sheran, There have been Many Making claims, that it isn't his true Name. However, Most are unaware the Vrillin is his true name.

Many Channels have picked up the Name Sheran, unknown of its true Origins. and still continue to use it. But This does not mean that the channel is any less truth.

A channel will only receive what they know, even in a channeled message. The Beings that we are channeling, do not care what we call them, as Long as the messages get through.

Most Higher Dimensional beings do not have personal names, the way we do here on Earth, they usually speak as a collective. The Higher in Dimension you have become, the more you have moved into total Oneness.

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I am excited to meet our brothers and sisters of the universe. I don't think that I will be afraid as I know that we will only be introduced to benevolent individuals. I have really enjoyed reading descriptions of people on other planets, how you live and travel and have families like most people here on earth.


May 27

Well, I'll have to throw in my two cents here. You made a good point when asking how we'll react to you all when we see you, Good question, although we will still love and trust, we'll no doubt be a tad bit frightened by what some may look like. I used to be terrified seeing 🦥 sloths until I saw them I realize they mean no harm and actually are kind cute in a strange way. Thats probably what I'll feel when I meet you as well.

And should the powers that "were" fight you..Do please return fire. They claim the eye for an eye..

So be it than.

Much honor and respect to you!


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