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As the frequency of your world ascends, human consciousness is becoming increasingly more aware of the laws of creation – that have always been there, but your collective didn’t have the awareness to perceive them until recently. One of those laws is the term you’ve coined as the Mandela Effect, which from our perspective is simply the fact that you are constantly shifting to timelines that correlate to your emotional state.

When you shift to a new timeline, you do not only alter your future but also your past either becomes tweaked or reformed completely depending upon the degree of a shift you’ve made in your consciousness – all is reflecting you.

Many a scientist on your world believe that people make their memories up – but a lot of the time, they still have the memories of a timeline they’re no longer on between their ears. This is how many of you are noticing subtle changes in your realities. A lot of your false memories belong to another timeline.

You are all manifesting – it’s just that most of you do not recognize your own harvest whenever it appears, most are manifesting and living in an unconscious state. Learning how to consciously keep your frequency ascended so you streamline your consciousness on higher vibratory timelines is what many of you are in the process of mastering and one way you can also do this is to connect with beings who exist on a higher rung than you on the vibrational ladder…

The Ascended Masters are working behind the scenes to help balance the collective frequencies of your world. Also, many civilizations such as us, the Pleiadians, Lyrans, Sirius collective etc are also energy sources you can tap into to receive activation codes, downloads, guidance, and so on. When you connect to these higher frequencies, from your perspective, then it bootstraps your consciousness up the vibrational scale, thus you automatically also become aware of the differentiations in your outer realities between different timelines and streams of consciousness.

Ultimately, humanity is becoming aware of the nature of parallel realities through your observations of the Mandela Effect and the more you realize how malleable reality is, you’ll be more capable of making the changes you truly prefer in your experience of physical reality, both individually and collectively.

The Arcturians.

ARCTURIAN MESSAGE: THE MANDELA EFFECT channeled By -Rei Rei received on Facebook


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