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The ‘Greatest Show In The Galaxy ~ Saint Germain

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, these continuing times of great change.

For I wish to make one change to which you have spoken of in your discussion earlier, one correction, where you said this is the ‘greatest show on Earth.’ It is not just on Earth, or in Earth, it is in the entire galaxy. It is the greatest show in this galaxy. For so many have come to watch this show to be a part of this show, all of you included, in coming here and being a part of this.

You are not only just watching from afar, but every single thought that you have, every single thought that goes out into the universal mind of consciousness, raises that consciousness or lowers it, whatever it is that you send out, comes back, comes back to all of the collective consciousness of man. So know that, with every thought that you have, you are creating the life ahead of you, life for yourself individually, and life as a collective consciousness together, together as one. You move together as one, never separate. For you have never been separate. Never been separated from the Christ Consciousness and the Universal Source.

You have never been separated. Only within your mind have you considered being separated. And all of the programming that you have had over the countless lifetimes that you have been here has created that idea of separateness. But not once has it been real. So know that as you continue to move through this great show on Earth and in the galaxy. Know that you are affecting each and every moment moving forward.

So as you look at everything that is happening, as you become aware of all of the external functions of this plan, know within yourselves that always it is a part of the great universal plan that has been in the works for thousands and thousands of years here on this planet.

And you are indeed coming to the end of this part of the plan. Know that always the plan continues on. Never will it have an ending, just this part of the plan will eventually come to an end. So wherever there is an end, there is a new beginning to another phase.

And you are entering, at this point, another great phase in this plan. And because of the Great Awakening that is happening all across the planet, to all areas of the planet, to all people across the planet, even if they are not aware yet of being awakened.

Many are beginning to question, just as you had those questions early on in this lifetime, and even in the previous lifetime, where you asked those questions, “Why am I here? What is this all about? What can I do to affect change?” When you begin to ask those questions, you receive answers. And just as you received answers, those that are now asking those questions will also receive answers and will be led to others such as yourselves, who will be ready. As part of your mission, you will be ready to answer those questions, to answer ‘the call.’ Just as you answered ‘the call’ long, long ago at the Great Conclave to be a part of this expression. Just as you answered ‘the call’ then, you will be ready to answer ‘the call’ again now. For this is who you are, each and every one of you. Everyone who resonates, not only to these words, verbal words, but also to the words written in print. Those that resonate to this are becoming ready to answer ‘the call’ once again. ‘The call’ that has gone out across the entire galaxy. For those that come in their ships and in their many different forms and colors and shapes, have come to be a part of this great expression, this Great Awakening, here within the galaxy, and certainly here in the Earth.

Those from above, and those from below, will all come together at the surface of this planet and join all of you when the energy, when the frequency vibration has raised enough. And all will then answer ‘the call.’

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you all are ready, ready indeed, to answer ‘the call.’

SAINT GERMAIN, Channeled by James McConnell at


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