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The Greatest Deception Ever ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Friends Of Light And Change!

As Waves Of Energy Flow Through You And Around You In The Final Waking Dream, We Communicate In Facets Of Understanding That Allow You To Consider Many Perceptions. From The Beginning Of Life That Thrived On Earth, There Has Been A Desire To Understand Your Creator By Placing This Divine Force In A Box That Is Self Created. Indeed, Many Have Gathered In Groups To Enter The Box With You!

Let's Leave The Box And Throw It Away!

In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Explain The Mystery Of What You Know As Kundalini. We Will Broaden The Scope To Include Those In Doctrine With Many Religious Beliefs Controlling Their Every Move!

In Truth There Is One Force Of Divinity That Man Has Divided Into Untold Numbers To Address Their Own Agendas While In Form. The Power Of The Whole Spirit Of God Creator Cannot Be Divided And Does Not Take Sides. Imagine The Peace That Would Fall Upon The Earth With The Understanding That Your Life Force Is Shared With All Creation.

With The Movement Of Intention By The Great Spirit Of Love, You Breathe Once More Without Thinking. Your Heart Beats And Your Organs Perform Like A Symphony That Has A Song To Play In Such Beauty!

Kundalini Is A Word That Is Embraced In Hinduism. It Is The Life Force Of Creation That Is Perceived As A Feminine Energy That Moves Up The Base Of The Spine From A Coiled Position As A Snake. This Belief Came From Ancient Traditions That Could Not Understand The Power Within Their Human Vessel. Even In These Moments Of The Culmination Of Many Dreams, Endeavors To Promote This Movement Of Energy Is Attempted With Mantras, Yoga And Meditation.

Kundalini Allows Bliss To Be Felt Throughout The Body With Ebbs And Flows Of Energy That Create A Tingling Sensation. The Feeling Is That Of Floating In The Air While A Sacred Essence Is Felt As A Divine Presence. For This Reason, Many Chase Kundalini As Though It Will Solve All Problems In The Outer World. Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth. Until And Unless Each Person Goes Within To Discover Their Own Divinity, They Will Always Seek Outside Stimulus.

Doctrine Has Deceived Many Humans Since The First Gatherings Of Religious Groups Formed. As The Collective Energy And Spirit Of ONE Creator, There Appeared To Be Activity That Was Special For The Particular Group That Identified With Labels To Tell Others Of Their Special Connection To God.

Not Understanding That The Spirit Of God Is Expressing All Life, These Groups Spread Far And Wide Around The Planet. Pentecostal Groups Banned Everyone To A Created Hell. Baptists And Catholics Focused On Hell As Much As The Spirit Of Love Within That Was Denied. Each Group Had Their Own Method To Reach The God That Dwelled Within.

Many In Doctrine Were Taught That God Was Divided And That Belief Allowed The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit. But That If They Delved Deeper, They Could Receive The Infilling Of The Holy Spirit With The Evidence Of Speaking In Tongues. Many Were Influenced By Others In The Congregation To Fall When Hands Were Laid On Them. People Would Tremble And Shake From The Power Of Their Own Beliefs.

Many False Prophets Of Deception Formed Mega Churches And Collected Large Sums Of Money As They Told Others That This Was Serving God. The Influence And Power Of Belief That Spread To Thousands Also Produced One Of The Greatest Deceptions Ever. The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit, Church Membership, Tithing And The Ongoing Wealth Of The Deceivers Of Doctrine Continued.

Beloved One, Know That You Are Love In Form. Money Does Not Create A Connection With The Divine. You Are Sacred And You Carry The Light Of Your Creator Within.

Belief Creates Your Reality And For Those That Have Experienced The Movement Of Spirit Within Your Body Form, Embrace This As Love. It Was Real For You! But You Framed It In A Context That Was Never Real. In Many Instances, Lives Have Been Changed And Gifts Of Clairvoyance Opened As Well As Experiences That Seemed Otherworldly. Indeed They Were! This Is Part Of The Innate Divinity Of Each Soul.

Speaking In Tongues When Genuine, Is A Form Of Light Language. It Cannot Be Interpreted By The Human Mind And Only Comes Through Those From The Higher Realms That Know Light Language. Never Fall For Schemes Of Videos That Appear To Show One That Is Speaking And Interpreting. This Is As Dangerous As The False Pastors Demanding Money.

Spirit Does Not Move On Command And The Magnificent Creator Of All Life Cannot Be Controlled.

Be Wise In These Days As Answers Are Sought. Choose Carefully As You Seek Truth!

We Are With You In Great Numbers! Ask And Know The Answer Is Waiting!

We Love You So!


Original Title, Kundalini And Doctrines Of Belief. Pleiadians of 7D Tay=geta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @ Family of Tay-geta on X


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