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The False Light ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

Since The Creation Of Souls On Earth And The Introduction Of Souls From The Higher Realms, There Have Been Efforts To Control. With The Opportunity To Expand In Consciousness, There Has Been An Ongoing Confusion With Division. In All Waking Dreams You Are Afforded Leaders, Teachers And Prophets. With The Gift Of These Powerful Souls, Masses Of People With Uprisings Of Their Own Feelings Of Discord Created Rules For Others. You Know These Rules As Doctrine. You Call This Religion.

We Have No Such Doctrine, Religion Or Dictatorship In The Higher Realms. We Experience Peace With The Light Of Our Own Being. We Choose To Become Human To Understand Your Plight. We Fully Embrace The Earth School With Its Duality And Flavor Of Many Cultures. We Live Among You In Ordinary Lives. We Choose To Forget Our Lives In The Higher Realms To Enable Awakening In Increments As We Journey On As All Souls. As Souls Awaken In Form, You Will Identify Them Without Fail As You Notice The Problems That Occur With Living In A Box Of Doctrine. Let's Explore This Together!

The Soul Is Perfect And Experiences Only Peace. There Are Souls Throughout The Galaxies That Have Experienced Their Power And Light Only To Become Intoxicated By Their Own Beauty And Power. Many Joined Ranks With The Galactic Federation Only To Be Found Out And Dismissed From The Light Forces. These Beings Chose To Deceive Others As They Limited Vital Information With Lies.

Humans Have Existed With Division From The Beginning. As Souls Arrive On Earth They Are Programmed Into The Matrix As Doctrines Of Control Are Taught According To Their Location And Family. Areas Of Population Are Known By Many With Race And Culture. Dress Codes Are Strict With Head And Body Coverings, Paint, Tattoos, Nudity, Flamboyant Attire As Well As Feelings That Judge Others. Everyone Is Different And Most People See Others As Wrong Or Bizarre. In The Essence Of Spirit. You Are One. Imagine The Peace That Would Be Felt With Knowing This Truth.

Doctrine Is A Complete Illusion. Every Single Rule That Controls Your Heart And Mind Is Manmade. Your Doctrine Was Well In Place When You Arrived As A Soul To Explore Life Deeply. You Are Living With Free Will. But As You Recognize The Division Of Your Religious Box, You Might Want To Leave The Box And Throw It Away As Your Soul Will Allow! Indeed, Aligning The Personality With The Soul Will Only Bring Truth To Your Consciousness. Doctrine Is Binding To An Infinite Soul Of Light!

Most Wars Begin Within The Mind Of A Person That Sees Themselves As Superior To Another. The Messages That Are Spread To Others Concerning Their Creator Of Being Are Filled With Lies. Telling Another Being That A Decision Of Worship To A Name Given In Doctrine Will Assure An Infinite Place Of Reward Is Wrong In All Aspects. Telling Another That Their Creator Loves Them But Has Prepared A Place Of Suffering Eternally Is Quite Bizarre And Disconcerting. Indeed, Many Will Follow Doctrine Out Of Fear But Not Love! What Is This Madness And Control But False Light!

Those With False Light Parade As Preachers Of Mega Churches Demanding Money, Cult Leaders Promising Gold And Silver, And Those Attempting To Control Your Life Now With The Evil Intent Of The Great Reset. Indeed, We Have A Greater Plan To Allow The Grand Shift To A Life Of Familiarity. You Were Never Meant To Remain On Earth As Destruction Comes!

You Are Surrounded By Light. You Only Need To Become Aware Of The Host Of Beings From Higher Realms. So Many Cheer You Onward On Your Journey And Many Of Them Have Walked The Earth As You. Know And Believe That You Are Safe. There Is Nothing That Love Requires Of You!

As An Expression Of Divinity, You Simply Forgot Who You Are!

We Are Here To Remind You!

We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

We Love You So!

Original Title, The Illusion Of Doctrine. Pleiadians of 7D Tay-geta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @family of Tay-geta on X


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