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The Entities That "YOU" Create ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In This Communication, I Will Speak About Energy In A Manner You Might Not Be Accustomed To Hearing! As You Understand That Everything Seen And Unseen Exists With A Vibrational Frequency Of Energy, Also Understand That Higher Vibrations Are Unseen By Human Eyes.

Higher Vibrational Beings Will Lower Their Frequency To Manifest On Earth If This Is Chosen. Life Exists Around You Unseen In Densities Of Movement And Life!

In Fourth Dimension Or The Astral Plane, There Is Activity That Represents Many Densities Of Life. As We Have Shared In Many Communications, This Area Has No Boundaries And Is Open To All Consciousness For Exploration Or Projection Of Body Form To Those In Higher Realms.

There Are Groups Of Galactic Races That Continually Project Themselves Into Astral To Enjoy The Creative Activity Of Magic With Observation And Interest. Fairies Fly Freely Through Portals And Interact With Other Life Forms In Playfulness Or Protectiveness For Those That Would Be Attacked Randomly. Evil Entities Are In Areas That Are Discovered By Those Exploring And Chaos Erupts Until The Visitors Leave Or Fairies Arrive By The Thousands! Each Fairy Has Unlimited Strength And Can Throw An Entity Into The Abyss.

Angels Are Also Seen In Astral. Their Presence Is Magnificent With A Serenity And Calm Demeanor That Every Being Respects.

They Come And Go By Changing Frequencies. And Often Have Delivery Of Messages By Their Gestures And Showing Images To Observers Such As Closing Books, Bowing As In Meditation Or Presenting Bright Light!

Among The Endless Structures Of Color And Design With Geometric Patterns And Moving Walls, Those Visitors Of Curiosity Will Become Terrified Without Mastering Their Experience.

Thought Forms Are Energy Constructs From Thoughts By Intention Or Random Expressions. Each Thought Creates Form. Throughout Each Day, Every Thought That Is Allowed To Come Forth Has Created A Matching Template In Astral. For This Reason, Astral Is Infinite And Reflects Life In All Densities. Every Mountain, Tree, Animal And Human Was Created By Thought And Intention. Some Call This The Creator, Source Or The Quantum Field. Others Relate To 'The Mind Of God’. This Divine Energy Is Your Life Force And Awareness Of Being. All Life Is Connected By This Essence Of Power.

Thought Form Entities Dance And Move According To Your Own State Of Being. They Are Energy Constructs That Were Once Only Frequencies Created From The Psyche Of Your Own Infinite Mind. Over Time With Repeated Thoughts, Trauma And Repetitive Intention, These Thought Forms Create Thought Form Entities. These Projections Have A Small Amount Of Consciousness That Is Shared With The Host Creator.

Most People Have No Idea That Thought Form Entities Exist. They Cannot Harm You In Any Manner. But Existing In Astral And Being Fed By Your Psyche, They Mimic Your Activities As Well As Your Greatest Fear. For Those That Are Seers And Can Perceive Their Surroundings Without The Sensory Aspects Used By All, Mastery Is Needed To Overcome The Battle Of The Mind.

The Gift Of Sight That Has Been Desired By Humans For Millennia Is Both Amazingly Beautiful And Extremely Daunting. Seeing Your Own Psyche Presenting As Thought Form Entities Requires The Ability To Command All Entities To Stop Moving And Leave.

Learning To Be Calm And Understanding That Astral Is A Place Of Creation Where Every Living Being Is Creating Simultaneously. Will Allow One To Remember Their Light As They Are In Command Of The Vivid Creation Before Them.

Astral Is Never Experienced With Eyes Open In Daylight. Neither Is It a Dream State. Seers And Explorers Close Their Eyes And Access This Density Of Awareness And Creativity.

Never Entertain Thoughts That You Do Not Desire To Become Form. All Thoughts Eventually Become Present In Your Life By Your Own Endeavors, Whether By Intention Or Unknowing.

You Are Creating Your Life Each Moment By Thoughts Which Change Your Perspective Of Being!

Choose Wisely And Reap The Benefits Of Healing And Well Being!


I Love You So!

Laka of The Pleiadian Collective.

Original Title, Thought Forms And Thought Form Entities.

Received telepathically by Judith Lynn @FamilyofTaygeta on X


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