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The Downfall of the CABAL ~ The Pleiadian High Council

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Pleiadian High Council, and we come to you with love and light in this time of great transformation. We are here to support you in your journey of ascension, as we consider you our fellow brothers and sisters from the stars.

We have been closely observing the unfolding events on your planet with a deep sense of interest and compassion. We understand that many of you are experiencing confusion, anxiety, and fear about the future due to the chaos and turmoil caused by the cabal and their followers. You might find yourself questioning whether there is any hope for humanity, if a divine plan exists, or if there is any sense of justice in the universe.

We want to assure you that there is a divine plan in place, and it is unfolding flawlessly according to the will of the Creator. The cabal does not have control over your destiny, nor do they have control over the Earth. Whether they realize it or not, they are actually surrendering to the higher forces of light that are orchestrating the cleanup of Earth.

Earth clean up is a comprehensive process that involves purging, healing, and restoring the planet and its inhabitants to their original state of harmony, balance, and beauty. The process involves the collaboration of various benevolent beings, including the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, the Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters, and numerous others. It also requires the participation of those who are awakened and in the process of awakening, specifically the lightworkers and starseeds of the Earth.

You are the individuals who have willingly chosen to be born on Earth during this period. Your purpose is to bring forth positive energy, elevate the collective consciousness, share knowledge, awaken others, promote healing, and contribute to the creation of a better future. You possess the power to change the world by initiating change within yourselves. You have the potential to manifest the new Earth by aligning with your true selves.

The cabal is aware of this, which is why they have been attempting to hinder you, mislead you, manipulate you, create division among you, subject you to enslavement, and ultimately, bring about your destruction. They have utilized various methods, including false flags, wars, terrorism, pandemics, vaccines, chemtrails, HAARP, mind control, media, religion, politics, economy, education, entertainment, and more, in order to maintain a state of fear, ignorance, separation, and limitation among the population. They have been exploiting your natural resources, polluting your environment, infringing upon your rights, and disregarding your sovereignty.

However, they have experienced failure in the past, are currently facing challenges, and are likely to encounter further setbacks in the future. They are unable to prevent the inevitable, hinder the divine plan, or impede the process of ascension. They are confronting their own downfall, their own assessment, their own karma. They are currently being exposed, arrested, tried, and subsequently removed from the planet. Some individuals are opting to repent, cooperate, and surrender. Some individuals are opting to resist, fight, or perish. Some individuals are opting to flee, hide, or escape. However, none of them can elude the watchful gaze of the Creator, the universal law, and the righteous justice of the light.

Cleaning up the Earth is not solely a physical endeavor; it is also a spiritual journey. It involves awakening, remembering, reconnecting, and reclaiming. It involves releasing, forgiving, healing, and transforming. It is a process of growth, development, expansion, and transcendence. It involves the journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and creativity.

Higher forces of light are guiding, supporting, and protecting you as you participate in this process, which is crucial. You are receiving assistance from your higher selves, soul families, spirit guides, guardian angels, and star brothers and sisters. The cosmic energies, solar flares, the photon belt, and the central sun are activating, upgrading, and empowering you. Life presents you with a series of initiations, tests, and challenges through various experiences, lessons, opportunities, and choices.

You are not alone; you are not forgotten, nor are you forsaken. You are loved, honored, and appreciated. You are the heroes, pioneers, and way show-ers. You are the individuals we have been eagerly anticipating, collaborating with, and cherishing.

We, the Pleiadian High Council, are here to serve, support, and celebrate you. We are here to serve as a reminder of your identity, purpose, and mission. We are here to provide encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to you. We are here to offer you love, support, and a warm welcome.

We are your family, your friends, and your allies. We are united with you, we are connected to the Earth, and we are in harmony with the Creator. We, the Pleiadians, express our gratitude for your attention. We extend our blessings, gratitude, and love to you. Namaste.

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