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Water is conscious and perhaps the most vital component for life. It is so abundant on Earth that most humans take it for granted. Yet the very consistency of water is a mystery within itself.

Water is the ultimate carrier of information. For that very reason, our brains are composed of up to 83% water. Neurons transmit electrical signals through water, and research at the National Institutes of Health demonstrates that neurons even absorb and release water as a way of communicating. Water also acts as the ultimate neurotransmitter between all parts of the natural world. All ecosystems are connected by water, and damage to one ecosystem causes ripple effects throughout the world.

Water is earth's neurotransmitter. We must take this into account as we work to restore earth's living systems. Next time you see a body of water, ask yourself: what message is this water carrying? From where, and to whom?



Of all the relationships that we are in perhaps the most significant and yet the most misunderstood, forgotten and denied is our relationship with water.

The scientific observation of the world has created a belief system that water is an inorganic compound in which chemical processes occur.

This distancing from the true purpose of water has given modern civilization the perceived right to manage water in ways that are contradictory and irreverently exploitive. We have come to view it as acceptable to control the flow of water, to divert water from its course, to add pollutants to it and to disregard the essence of water's life enhancing capacities. It is time for us to make the paradigm shift in that belief to our own inner knowing of our mystical connection with water - the common denominator of all life. The consciousness of water is responsible for the most delicate metabolic processes in our bodies while at the same time creating an environment for life to evolve - human, animal, botanical and microbial.

Therein lies the magic. It is Sacred... Our own bodies when perfectly hydrated are at least 90% water. The key wording here is "perfectly hydrated".

Perfect hydration is necessary for optimum health at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. Anything less than that results in dis-ease. When we are suffering from imbalance of body, mind or spirit we are more than likely thirsty.

That is, proper hydration is not reaching every cell of the body. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to be perfectly hydrated if we are not drinking the right kind of water. There are two very integral points here in our understanding of the right kind of water:

  • Firstly, water has a consciousness whose mandate is to provide the impetus for life enhancement.

  • Secondly, water has memory. That means everything water has ever passed by or everything that has ever passed through water is stored within its vibrational frequency.

Filtered water for example still holds the vibrational frequency of all the particulates that have been removed by the filtering process.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water have had all energy removed and therefore are ravenously looking to reclaim that energy. These 'dead' waters will restore that memory by leeching the minerals, nutrients, and energy from your body leaving you in deficit. The other point to consider regarding most water in the world today is that the water molecules have clumped together in packages of 20,000-30,000 molecules.

This presents a problem for us since our bodies are composed of cells that can only accept one water molecule at a time. Within each cell there is an aquaporin channel whose capacity for acceptance is one molecule. That's it...

In order for the energetic flow of water to pass through the aquaporin channel in single file one molecule at a time a tremendous amount of energy must be exerted by the body to make this possible.

The effort is so great that we are in a continuous state of dehydration if we are consuming this type of water. It is time to reclaim our Sacred Connection to Water and in so doing to reconnect with the miracle of the eternal, self-perpetuating perfection of the Energy that is available to us. Water has the ability to absorb this perfect eternal energy from the quantum field when it is Structured. We can find examples of structured water in mountain streams where the continual swirling dance of water around rocks creates a vortexing pattern - to the left and to the right - creating a high level of vibrational frequency that not only neutralizes all toxins and imbalances but also attunes it to the higher frequencies in the quantum field that are life enhancing. This process of double vortexing (to the left and to the right) restructures the layers of stored memory that we have been hostage to through the disrespect and abusive treatments of our life source.

Structuring returns water, breath and sound to a cleansed and sensitized state to receive only beneficial energies from the quantum field. Becoming recipients of this Energy our bodies become the temples for us to co-create our divine stewardship of this planet we call home. It is our birthright...


Does water have memory?

The unpredictable behavior of water concerned scientists in the 1950s and 1960s. Unable to explain a series of unpleasant incidents such as deaths of scientists and intelligence agents after drinking water, they resulted in a conclusion that initially seemed incredible:

What if water has memory? What if by some unexplained mechanism, it manages to “save” information, much like a computer?

In the next years, a series of experiments in various countries of the world have shown that water “recorded” and “saved” any outside influence. According to the study author Jacques Benveniste and his team of researchers, it “remembered” anything that happened in its surrounding environment, and anything that came in contact with water left a “mark” in it.

However, the scientific community didn’t accept these results as valid and regarded Benveniste’s experiments as a way to promote the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water

Masaru Emoto’s experiments suggest that water doesn’t just have memory, but its structure could be affected by the emotions of people. According to Emoto, water molecules change their position when they interact with positive or negative emotions.

With the help of a technologically advanced tool Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, the researcher studied the crystalline form of water and made photos of the changes brought to it from the various environmental and human influences.

  • What are the musical tastes of water?

  • How does it react when it is talked to with love?

  • How does it respond to thoughts and intentions?

  • How much does water suffer from environmental pollution?

According to Emoto’s, the results of his experiments suggest that different kinds of music and people’s thoughts, feelings, and words directly affect the crystal structure of water, which seems to react like a living entity.

Emoto put labels on bottles of water with expressions of human emotions and ideas. Some of them were positive, for example, “thank you” and “love”. Others were negative, as the label “You make me sick, I will kill you.

He claims that the water reacted to these expressions. According to him, the water with positive messages made beautiful crystals and that with negative messages – ugly and deformed crystals.


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