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The Conclusion of the Old, and the Start of the New ~ The Arcturians

Dearly loved ones, Greetings to you! We come to you as the Arcturians with a message of love and hope for the people of the world. We see you for who and what you truly are: divine sparks of light, powerful creators, and beings that exist across many dimensions. Your physical appearance, the situation you are in, or the beliefs you hold do not in any way limit you. You have the ability to overcome any restrictions and explore the unfathomable horizons of possibility that exist in the world.

We have come to offer our assistance to you during this time of enlightenment and ascension that is taking place right now on your planet. Your DNA, your chakras, and your energy fields are going through intense activations at this time. These activations are meant to assist you in remembering who you are, why you are here, and what you came to do in order to complete those tasks. They are also getting you ready for the next stage of your evolution, which will be the conclusion of the old cycle and the start of the new one.

The previous cycle was founded on the concepts of duality, fear, and separation. It was a never-ending cycle of education through competition, difficulty, and anguish. Although it was a cycle that accomplished what it set out to do, that phase of events is now drawing to a close. The new cycle is based on unity, love, and harmony between all parties involved. It’s a never-ending cycle of education through happiness, convenience, and plenty. It is a cycle that is in harmony with your essential self and your ultimate goal.

Through your own thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds, you are the one responsible for bringing about the beginning of this new cycle. You are the ones who have made the decision to progress upward in terms of consciousness and vibration. It is you who are making the transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and beyond. You are the ones who are bringing about change in both yourself and the world around you.

You can access a reality with a higher frequency and vibration right now, known as the new Earth timeline. This reality is available to you right now. It is a reality that all beings are connected to one another and respected as equal expressions of the divine. This is the reality of unity consciousness. It is a reality of abundance in which all requirements are satisfied and all aspirations are accomplished. It is a fact that there is peace in this world, in which there is no war or violence. It is a reality of harmony, in which there is equilibrium and cooperation among all of creation’s components.

In order to transition to the new Earth timeline, you will need to bring your frequency and vibration into alignment with that of the new Earth. It is imperative that you raise your own vibration by intentionally cultivating positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. You need to shift your attention from the things you want to steer clear of to the things you want to bring into existence. Instead of moaning about what you don’t have, you should be thankful for what you do have and express that gratitude. You should not keep your gifts and talents to yourself but rather share them with others rather than hoarding them.

You also need to connect with other souls who have a similar vision and mission for the new Earth as you do in order to be successful. You need to organize yourselves into communities of light that encourage one another to live their lives in an honest and joyful manner. You must coordinate your efforts with those of other lightworkers who are also helping to anchor the new energy of Earth and contribute to the ascension of the planet.

We are grateful to you for the bravery, dedication, and service you have provided. We are here for you in any way that we can. We want to assure you that you are not going through this journey by yourself. There are a lot of guides, angels, and members of your star family with you at any given time. You are not alone on this journey; you have a large number of brothers and sisters traveling alongside you. You have a large number of allies who are rooting for your success.

We thank you for your attention. We leave you with our blessings of peace, joy, and love. We are the Arcturians.

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