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The Collective Shift & The Rewiring of Your Brain ~ The Arcturians

Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We come as a community, as a collective, to bring our energy, our wisdom and our support at this time. We notice that levels of anxiety, stress and worry are increasing in many beings and that feelings of chaos, confusion and fear are also developing.

We recognize this as a natural aspect that occurs during ascension. It often occurs when someone goes through an ascension shift or transformation that they have a moment or moments of enlightenment, inspiration and release.

However, they also experience fears, wounds, suffering, confusion and anxiety coming to the surface. and this is because the new vibration activates their energies and that which is not aligned.

with this new vibration they adopted through their ascension transformation, – all of this it is no longer aligned, – it rises into your consciousness or into your physical body for you to recognize.

It is important to recognize that fear, chaos, confusion, worry, and anxiety, – these are natural aspects of your existence on Earth. and will diminish as your vibration rises and accelerates, and you let go of the baggage, the energies that The ones you are holding onto are limiting you.

The more you become grounded and centered in your being and your truth, the less reactive you are to the reality around you.

You are better able to remain in a space of peace and balance. Of course, you may still experience sadness, pain and suffering. but your ability to recognize what is occurring, to deal with it, to transform it and to return to your center will become quicker and easier.

There is a collective shift, as if humanity is currently trying to free itself from anxiety, worries, and fears. and because it is occurring collectively, everyone is experiencing some form of anxiety, worry or fear as this is amplified by the collective, – even if be only, in small quantities.

We, the Arcturians, wish to share with you a practice to support you at this time. You may not be feeling anxiety, worry or fear, but it is always valuable to have understanding and a technique you can use when it arises within you.

Much of anxiety, fear and worry is linked to habits and patterns within the subconscious mind, within the mind and brain, – like pathways that have already been designed.

When you have an experience, your mind almost knows the exact path to follow – even if that path is worry, judgment, or fear.

To free yourself more completely from these feelings and impacts of worry, fear, anxiety, and so on, there is a need to energetically rewire your mind and brain so that when an experience occurs there is a new pathway that develops and that the mind is capable of adopting.

We, the Arcturians, are working with many to rewire their brains and minds, and indeed this means… because the brain is connected to everything… the mind is connected to every part of your being and your body… that we are truly reconnecting the entire body and your being.

Our purpose is to create more peace so that paths to peace are created. However, the energy we will use to create these paths of peace is love... unconditional love... true and pure love and the essence of the Creator.

You may wonder why we are not anchoring peace, for that is the outcome we desire, but love is supportive, it is comforting, it is immensely familiar to you, to your being, and to your soul.

Love is representative of the essence of the Creator... it is open, it is expansive, it is flowing. It is something that can be recognized and experienced in the physical body. When love is anchored in your being, it has the ability to align all aspects of your being with love.

When all aspects of your being are aligned with love it is as if your body and being enter an automatic pattern that supports and nourishes you... connecting you with your soul, grounding and supporting you with energy, clearing and unclogging your being, awakening new knowledge and understanding, offering you the courage and confidence to achieve what is necessary. Your being and your body shift into a very natural and spiritual state that was designed and is guided for your existence on Earth, where everything is easier, flows more and manifests more quickly. This is why we use the energy of love.

We invite you to call upon us, the Arcturians. Invite us to surround you and we will begin to pour love into your being. We are drawing this love from the soul, the essence, the core, the center of the Creator, so please recognize that it is a pure vibration of love.

As you breathe in deeply and receive this love, letting it fill your entire being and body... we the Arcturians invite you to call upon your soul and soul group... and ask for the highest vibration of love to pour in through your soul group... in your soul... and in your entire being.

You can imagine your soul group and your soul as the most beautiful jewel, in your heart space, and let that jewel radiate, being there to support it.

We have extremely powerful technicians in reconfiguring the brain and mind, the entire being and the body. We call these Arcturian beings to place their energetic hands on your head. They begin to allow a concentrated vibration of love to flow into their head, into their brain, into their mind, into their subconscious mind. Allow yourself to receive this and let it take as long as it takes.

Notice that this concentrated energy of love begins to flow throughout your being and is creating a reconnection.

As you achieve this, you may want to think about things in your reality that cause you fear, anxiety, or worry, and recognize the path by thinking about that experience or thought form.

Recognize the path that follows. Then imagine that you are erasing and eliminating this with the concentrated vibration of love, and imagine love creating a new path – a new system of thought that serves you more and allows you to truly recognize, with clarity, the experience that is happening.

This is a practice you can use to rewire not just your brain, your mind, but your entire being and body. The more you achieve this, the more you will recognize its impact on your reality. You can try this practice for as long as appropriate and as many times as appropriate.

Our love is always with you.

We are the Arcturians. We thank you.

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