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The Collapse of The 3D Matrix ~ The Andromedans

Greetings in the Light, and the Love of our Infinite Creator,

Things are changing very rapidly on your Planet, as we, and all your Star Families, work diligently to evenly distribute the Cosmic Energies coming in from our Creator.

Earth is now receiving the full frequencies of the 5th dimension. This is causing the collapse of the Matrix systems that control Humanity. Everything of the 3D matrix will be dissolved within the Light.

Nothing of the control system that Humanity has been accustomed to, will survive. As you watch all thing shift into the higher spectrums of Light on your Planet, you will witness, the fall of The dark's plans of Mass destruction and total control Of this Earth and Humanity.

In these moments of your time space, You are now beginning to witness the disclosure of the many deceptions of the Matrix. As it crumbles, you will see the dark ones scrambling to keep their illusion of control going. But with the Mass awakening taking place also in these moments, Humanity will not believe their Lies any longer. The Dark ones, That are still left on your planet, will have nowhere to hide as your Earth is being engulfed with the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator.

They do get the choice to raise themselves in the Light, But they must relinquish all agendas against this Earth and Humanity. If they continue to choose to cause harm and maintain control, they will be removed from your Planet.

Everything is changing Fast there on Earth. Nothing of the 3rd Density will exist after this transformation.

Many humans will be in fear due to their dependence on the illusion. They may even fight to keep it going. However, with the 5th density Light engulfing the Earth, They will not be able to fight it for Long.

As you may have noticed, even within your current wars and battles on Earth, many are starting to turn away from them and place their focus elsewhere. Humans no longer want to entertain violence and hatred. These lower Vibrations are not your natural State as a species. So, it will become harder to hold on to anything that is not who you are. Anything That goes against the Light frequencies of the 5th density Light spectrum, will be dissolved or removed.

The Andromedan Wanderers that have been here for Thousands of your Earth Years within this time space, have placed themselves at different locations around the planet to help clear and balance the Earths' Ley lines and chakra centers.

These beings because of them already being of the 5th degree or higher in the light spectrum, are able to hold large amounts of the infinite Creators Light. Their natural soul form has already achieved the higher degree within the spectrum. So, They will be conduits of these energies as your star families proceed with directing the Frequencies around the Earth.

The Andromedan Wanderers themselves will also be directing the Light where they see it necessary. Those of you who wish to help conduct the Energies, can also do so. It is greatly appreciated during these sacred moments of your time space. All you need to Do, is set the Intention to receive the Light and to share it with your World.

If you choose to take on this service of the Light, Your Power of Light within will be amplified. You will be able to direct the Energies with much more ease, to where you feel it is needed the most.

We Thank you so very much for your Service to the Light.

Your Star Families await you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromedans.

Channeled By Chellea, at


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