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The Big SHIFT to 5D has Begun! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and the love of our Infinite Creator.

The Earth is now receiving the maximum Light intensity that she can withstand for the moment, in her advancement into the 5th Degree spectrum. As The Earth Rises higher in the degree of Light, we will be able to direct more of the Cosmic Energies towards her. She is ascending very quickly now. These intense frequencies will penetrate even the Darkest, most obscure places. The Dark ones still on your Planet, are running scared at this moment. They have nowhere else to hide. The disclosure taking place is lifting the veil on all the crimes that's been hidden. The frequencies the Earth is receiving is now affecting everything The Dark ones try to do against this Earth and Humanity, all attempts at deception or violence will be countered.

These Dark ones have tried to escalate the current wars on your planet to cause more chaos and fear. But their attempts have fallen by the wayside, with no attention being given anymore. More people are turning their backs on any mainstream narrative that the dark ones on your planet try and push. Their agendas of Darkness is literally crumbling out of their hands.

This Earth and Humanities Big SHIFT to 5th Degree has begun.

These energies are transforming every living thing, including the Earth. It will also enhance actions of positive nature, as well as hender actions of Negative nature such as causing harm and doing against others.

When doing positive activities such as helping others and Group meditations, These events will run very smoothly because they match the frequencies that the Earth is now receiving.

Those holding on to the Lower vibrations of Fear, Hate, greed or selfishness will feel these energies as something that is contrary to their way of being. This will cause outbursts of Negative behavior, and uncomfortable changes to the body, including increasing illness and disease.

We have stated before that No one is left behind in this ascension, nevertheless, there are those who choose another Path. Their freewill allows them to make the choice to stay within the 3rd Dimensional state of Consciousness or to move higher in the degree of Light.

However, the Light penetrating the Earth in these moments will not allow for the 3rd degree Mindset. So, chaos will erupt within the Minds of these individuals. In most cases, these beings will lash out at others and even themselves. They still have a choice whether to accept the Light frequencies and change their way of being. But there will still be those who won't, and They will not be able to withstand the frequencies and may choose to leave the Earth at this time. These beings however, unless consciously following the dark path, will be advanced in spectrum during their next lifetime. They may leave now to only return as a 5th degree of Consciousness. This is what we mean when referring to, No One is Left behind in the darkness.

All who wish to ascend, Will Ascend. There is no need for Gurus or Spiritual Teachers to get to there.

The 5D isn't a Place but a Vibration of Light Degree. The Only states of consciousness That can withstand these vibrations is That of Peace, Love, Care, Giving and forgiveness. This becomes your way of being, and it becomes your next level or degree of Consciousness. Your Ascension will happen naturally. But changes must be made within yourself to allow for the Higher Light to be embodied. This is a Natural evolution of Consciousness. Everything on the Planet is raising in consciousness. This includes all animals, and wildlife, plants, and even the Rocks which are in a 1st degree of consciousness advancing upward in light. Every living thing, including the Earth herself, is experiencing changes, of some sort. Your societies and the 3rd dimensional lifestyle are also transforming.

Those who are moving into the Higher degree of Light, will experience Friction when dealing with the 3D daily issues of your everyday life. Simple tasks that are embedded in the 3D world, such as Paying Bills, going shopping, running errands, will all be more difficult to accomplish. The Human Society in General will change, everything must transform to meet the 5TH degree of vibration. The big Shift of Transforming from a 3D world to a 5th Degree society, doesn't happen overnight. A lot must be dissolved before the New can replace it.

Once the information of our Presence becomes widespread, More people will become curious of their true reality. This will help with the momentum of the Transformation.

Nevertheless, the changes that you who are on the ascension path are experiencing will be profound. Many of you are already witnessing the early stages of advanced Vision within the Higher Spectrums. Many of you are already experiencing new or dormant abilities showing themselves. And Many of you are on a path of remembrance of Past Lives and all the Wisdom obtained therein. All of you who wish to advance in the Light will do so.

How easy or hard that is for you will determine what you are willing to let go of from The 3rd Degree Mindset. This would be the Ego. This is the letting go of opinions and judgement of Others and self. The Higher consciousness is a higher understanding. Meaning you now see Others as yourself, in a different form having a different experience. We are Each a Spark of the Creator, and all should be treated as such.. This new way of Being will be hard for some to obtain. But this is what direction The ascension takes you. It takes you in the Direction of Oneness with the all.

During these moments in your time space, you must look inside yourself and witness your own being. Are you headed in the direction of Oneness? Are you becoming more compassionate towards Others? Are you raising yourself and Others in the Light and Love of your Infinite Creator? We are all a part of the Grand Existence of the One Infinite Light which we all came. To Ascend is to understand your connection to it all. The All is One.

We would like to give a special moment, for The Beautiful Wanderers and Starseeds of Light, who have so graciously given of yourselves, selflessly, to the Divines Plan. We Thank you, and celebrate you in Oneness.

We and your other Star Families await you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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