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Star People — Are You One?

Star People -- Are You One?

Sometimes we all feel a little out of place in this world. In those moments, everything appears unfamiliar, and a tinge of loneliness tries to settle in. Yet, gazing up at the night sky, curiosity takes over. Thoughts of stars, planets, and distant galaxies spark wonder about your origins. You wonder if you are meant for this world and if your vivid dreams and memories of a different life have more reality than your waking life.

Suddenly, a light shines inward as you feel a comforting warmth in your soul. That feeling is a sense of remembering and, most importantly, belonging. Embracing this intuitive understanding as a Star person can be challenging, given the sometimes stark reality that threatens to dull the magic. But that light of wisdom shines just as brilliantly as your inner essence, urging you to break free and shine forth.

We’re all multi-dimensional beings and, therefore, all starseeds or star people. We’ve all had lifetimes in different places and different forms. Science has proven that we’re made of stardust. We not only come from the stars -- we are stars.

The interconnectedness of our universe extends through time and space.

Starseed means, one who has incarnated in star systems before Earth. We’re sent here to help raise the vibration of the planet. To illuminate, assist, and help us understand the meaning of life.

To understand Star people, or Star children, we must first believe in extraterrestrials. We must believe in past lives, ancient civilizations, and reincarnation. I cannot imagine a Universe where only a single planet is gifted with life. This would limit the wonder in our Universe, which I believe to be limitless.

Mainstream media depicts Star people as unattractive, odd, and even menacing figures. They are presented as our enemies -- other life forms that are more advanced and horrifyingly manipulative.

How would we see them otherwise when it’s difficult for humans to accept one another as equals without fear? Similarly, how can we truly accept ourselves? It’s a reflection on the complexity of acceptance in a world still navigating the depths of understanding.

A Star child knows from a young age that they don’t quite belong. They often feel like old souls, lost and misunderstood, with a persistent sense of not fitting in anywhere. Starseeds are also drawn to astronomy, metaphysics, and the paranormal. They have a strong sense of purpose, often questioning society’s standards.

The courageous Star person is over 1,000 years ahead of us, on a mission to aid humanity. While many may not recall it all, some never forget.

Yet, this awareness can lead to profound depression as they adjust to human ways. It’s a struggle to fit in and act like humans, for they carry a deep understanding of their distinctiveness. This knowledge prevents them from truly feeling at home within their own bodies.

It is said that as children, Star people remember everything until their memory of wonder starts to slip away. With age, their true origins slip from recall. Most tuck these thoughts away, leading to inner turmoil. But within that struggle, the radiant powers of love, healing, and creativity find a way to shine through.

Many things can act as a wake-up call for starseeds. Profound spiritual and near-death experiences, journeys, dreams, and past life regression are common triggers that help us remember where we’ve been and what we’re here to do now.

The Soul Star Chakra is our gateway to the stars and other dimensions. Activating and working with this energy center is a powerful way to connect with star beings and wisdom. For awakening starseeds, Soul Star gemstones like moldavite, scolecite, danburite, and rainbow moonstone can feel like an energetic family reunion.

Common traits among Star people:

Their eyes look like crescent moons.

They’re empathetic, wise, and unique.

They have a very old soul.

They have had psychic experiences, most notably with vivid and prophetic dreams.

They don’t have a sense of ‘home’ or ‘belonging.’

Animals are easily drawn to them.

They are attracted to the study of metaphysics.

They’re spiritually advanced.

Their auras are not solid but instead have the radiance of a rainbow.

We must be able to recognize our Star friends so that we can help and support them. Many left their homes, families, and loved ones behind to aid us. We must give back. If you are one, know that you’re not alone. And so it is.

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