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Sirian Transmission ~ Shifting Into the New Age, Becoming the Water-Bearer

Humanity’s Ascension process into a higher density of physical reality has intensified lately due to Pluto, one of the outermost objects of the Sol System moving into Aquarius. Profound changes in your medical and technological arenas especially are incoming as a result…

Other systems in the Milky Way Galaxy are also under the influence of the Zodiacal constellations and others which do not govern our sector of the Galaxy, but since Sirius and Sol are merely 8.6 lightyears from each other – these archetypal forces are also present within our cultures, both within our A and B systems.

Aquarius on your planet is known as the waterbearer, even though you have assigned the element of air to it. This sign represents the capacity within all created beings to empty themselves so that they may be filled with the wisdom of Cosmic Intelligence. The channelling state has often been associated with the Piscean archetype on your world, but Aquarius is the true channelling sign of the Zodiacal system.

When one acts upon their true passions in life and give all their awareness to the performance of the action, their ego often takes a backseat and something else takes over. this is the formless higher self, which is a version of you that is closer to spirit, vibrationally speaking. Thus, when one becomes a channel for their higher self, they also become a conduit for Cosmic Intelligence.

This Plutonian shift into Aquarius will help more people become living channels for this divine intelligence, who dreamed us all into existence. The only thing which prevents one from achieving this state, which also correlates to Gamma brainwaves is the ego. When the ego takes credit for whatever is channelled through the physical vessel, it impedes the flow of wisdom through the body.

This is why it is important to remember that all ideas already exist. you are simply plucking them from the tree of the quantum field. When you realize you are merely an instrument, the ego will feel no elation, as it is not the doer of all that works through your physicality, but merely the receiver.

Original title, SIRIAN MESSAGE: BE A WATERBEARER. Channeled by

Rei Rei, Received on Facebook


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