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Sacred Portals ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Sacred Portals.

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth! Most Of You Understand The Concept Of Portals Being Entry Ways And Exit Paths Throughout Your Waking Dream. But Do You Understand Fully That Each Portal That You Entered By Way Of Your Higher Self, Is Ever Present In Energy With A Frequency Of Divine Access. Indeed, You Have Always Had This Method Of Travel As You Change Densities And Dimensions From Your Origin Of Creation! Bi-Local Abilities In The Higher Realms Are Part Of Each Soul. Those That Serve The Light With On-Going Bi-Local Service Are Familiar With Their Sacred Portal Of Entry. Projecting Consciousness With Form Allows Each Soul To Manifest In Other Places As Their Portal Guides Them With Intention. Fairies Travel In Large Groups And Change Densities Frequently. Their Portals Arrive With Them In Bursts Of Pink And Yellow Light! They Protect Others And Send Frequencies Of Love! Fairies Are Seen Throughout The Astral Plane As Well As Deep Space. They Live On Planets And Stars To Teach Magic And Abilities To Souls That Love Them So! Beloved Pets Transition Through Sacred Portals Of Light When They Leave The Body Form. Many Incarnate Back Into Bodies To Be With Their Families With Such Love! They Enter A Portal And Feel The Familiarity Of Their Beloved Families. Some Pet Souls Remain Close To Their Families In The Non Physical Aspect Of Life Or Choose To Become Walk-Ins As Another Soul Leaves The Body. When You Arrived In Perfection, Your Beautiful Portal Was Glimmering In A Pathway Of Peace. In An Explosion Of Bliss You Entered The Embryo And Began Your Journey Of Light Once More! An Energy Of High Frequency In Light As A Living Essence Has Remained Throughout Your Waking Dream As Your Soul Is Encoded To Match The Vibration Of Your Portal. As You Shift To Sheen, Your Portal Will Manifest In White Light As You Move Seamlessly Into The Beauty Of 5-D Sheen. The Galactic Federation Has Utilized Portals Since The Beginning Of All Incarnations To Earth As Well As Guiding Earth Native Souls To The Haven Of Light Between Waking Dreams. Your Portal Is Ever Present And Cannot Be Destroyed. In Meditation, You May Experience Perception Of Your Portal That Is The Pure Essence Of Divine Energy! Crafts And Motherships That Traverse Frequencies In Realms Unseen Around You And In Deep Space, Will Enter Portals As Vibrational Frequencies Change. In Beauty, The Occupants Experience Light And Many Colors As Living Portals Welcome Them With Guidance. As You Become Aware Of These Sacred Entries Of Energy, You Will Feel The Connection To All Life! You Are Infinitely Part Of The Light As Spirit Receives You To The Higher Realms Where You Began Your Journey!

We Love You So!

The PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE, Through Family of Taygeta @Familyoftaygeta on Twitter


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