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Riding the Waves of Love ~ Ann & The Angels

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Riding the Waves of Love.

By Ann & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends, Today the angels talk about how important each one of us is in creating movement and change in the universe. In their words, we are "Architects of love!" I love that! I'll share some thoughts and examples about how to stay aligned with this intense big love going on so we don't feel the tension that results from fighting it. Have a blessed week! Love, ♥ Ann Message from the Angels My dear friends, we love you so very much, Breathe. Look around you. You are spirit in flesh, the Divine experiencing its own life in a body, a personality, a time, and space. You – through your free will – are the creators and architects of Love in form. It is because of your human lives that the purse unbounded Love that is the Divine is molded and shaped into things, experiences, concepts, ideas, and systems. It is because of your existence, that Love continues to expand, grow, and find new expression. You are far more important than any of you could ever imagine. Your every desire causes the entire universe to respond. Your every wish for better starts the wheels in motion for the universe to create better. Your every desire for yourself or others takes the raw stuff of the energy of Love and begins to mold it as an artist would mix and mold the clay of the earth. You, dear ones, are the architects of Love. At times, you don't feel so important, so necessary, so... more than enough! You sit on your couch and scroll through your phones. On your news or social media, you watch the buffet of the human experience parading in front of you. You like this and you don't like that. You want this and you don't want that. You see something that triggers a desire within you and you wish for better... and in so doing you set the entire universe in motion! It doesn't seem as if you are doing anything and yet, with your every simple loving wish, you sound a silent note of Love and energy that begins to travel through the cosmos. It joins with the energies of others who have wished for something similar and soon these collective notes of love begin to create a symphony of frequency – a tidal wave of love that begins to wash through other human hearts. The more of you that have similar wishes and desires, the stronger the symphony, and the more hearts that are touched. The greater the love, the stronger the waves of energy, and the more hearts you will influence. This is how your simple desires become energies, which become inspirations, which become ideas, which turn to actions that become movements that create lasting change upon your planet earth. The greater the degree of love with which your wish is made, the stronger your note sounds in the symphony of energies being emitted by the human race. For example, suppose you witness someone discarding a piece of trash on the street. Immediately, and often unconsciously, you have a wish that people would value your earth and treat her with more respect. The love within that wish echoes out into the universe. Suppose someone else sees a car spewing pollution and beneath their frustration and disgust emanates a silent wish for cleaner vehicles and breathable air. The love within that wish sounds a silent note that echoes out into the universe. Perhaps yet another watches the earth being bulldozed for a parking lot and thinks to themselves, "Enough concrete! We need more nature." Their wish echoes out into the universe. Even though these wishes are buried beneath a degree of negativity and discontent and are therefore somewhat weakened, still the love within them travels out into the universe. Likewise, many of you during your pandemic saw the photos of clean water and witnessed beautiful clear blue skies. You loved this! You silently wished that the earth could remain this pristine. Your loving wishes sounded strong notes of love that collectively joined together to create a symphony of frequency that in its pure essence said, "We love our mother earth." "We want her to be respected, cleaned up, treated well, and enjoyed." As a result that symphony of love – created from your individual, seemingly "insignificant" wishes – has started to create a massive movement upon your earth even as we speak! In fact, over the next many decades you will see massive improvements in how your mother earth is treated. There will be increasing awareness of sustainability. There will be whole movements to clean up various ecosystems. There will be trends in decor to include more natural elements and a resurgence of appreciation for parks and nature preserves. There will be more "Greening" of cities – rooftop gardens, solar and wind power, and so many wonderful improvements that stem from your simple wishes and desires! Even the souls of those planning to incarnate upon your earth – the future children – have felt this symphony of desire and are eager to come and live in greater cooperation with your planet! Your simple, seemingly "insignificant" wishes have joined together to change the human experience for generations to come! So when you feel you don't matter, think again. When you feel you don't make a difference, remember you do. When you feel stuck, remember you are not. You are always creating change within. You are always setting the universe in motion. Even within your deepest anger, frustration, and disgust, the seeds of loving desire for better are sown. Dear ones, you are the architects of Love. Love is the "Building material" from which entire universes are created. Love is the raw stuff that your desires shape into silent notes that become silent symphonies that silently, but potently touch and inspire human hearts. Imagine right now if you sounded a single note through your voice. Imagine that it beings to join with others doing the same. Imagine that this music touches those who have not yet sounded their own and inspires them to join the chorus. Dear ones, imagine, you are hearing the pure Love of God sounding forth into the universe, turning into symphonies that uplift and inspire every open heart. You truly are sounding this symphony at all times, albeit energetically and silently, and your hearts which don't need ears can hear. Your hearts are all being fed and fueled by this love. You, through your willingness to wish and dream are creating movement, change, and a wonderful new and beautiful life upon your earth. When you are discouraged, remember this. You are all so very important. So very loved. So very crucial to the expansion and expression of Love in form. God Bless You! We love you so very much. -- The Angels Message from Ann... Hi Everyone, Wow. When I channeled the angels' message today I saw visions that looked like ribbons of energy – both weak and strong, weaving together, resonating, creating immense, beautiful, powerful waves of love. The magnificence of this energy was indescribable – translucent towering waves of energy with colorful currents lit from within. They were vibrating with pure love, touching human hearts, resonating with us in much the same way a tuning fork resonates a wine glass, attempting to lift us all up into a higher and happier reality. It reminded me a little of being at the ocean, standing with others in shoulder-high water when a wave comes in and lifts everyone in unison, gently carrying them further up on the shore, in a beautifully coordinated dance. So many of you have been feeling the intensity of these energies. Many are telling me they're having sudden sensations of swirling or dizziness. It is easy to be a bit ungrounded as we acclimate to these new energies. Many have told me they are having heart palpitations or strange nerve sensations. It is important to take care of the body so your nervous system can handle the increased frequencies. Many of you have told me you are vacillating between inspiration and frustration. You've told me you feel a stronger desire than ever to take care of yourself and tend to your own joy, tainted at times by twinges of old guilt for no longer taking care of everyone else first. We are either aligning ourselves with these intense waves of love or we are fighting them. We are either listening to our hearts or we are struggling to try to ignore them. We are either feeling the bliss of knowing we are enough as is – no matter what we do or how many we "assist" in a traditional way, or feeling the absolute pain of trying to please others instead of pleasing the Divine within. The energy is incredibly responsive. Shift your focus and you'll shift your reality quickly these days! Instead of focusing on problems, imagine what you desire in glorious detail until you feel it the way a child feels their dearest fantasies. Then, watch the universe get to work on your behalf! A few weeks ago a bunch of us got tired of the hot dry weather here in AZ and with so many others I'm sure, prayed for rain, imagined soothing rains, and guess what. It's been raining nearly every day. We sounded a note of desire that joined with many others and presto, the universe responds. The more of us that collectively imagine and FEEL what we DO want, the more it happens for us. On a more personal note, I'm still having fun sorting and weeding through everything in my house. For the last two weeks I've been going through 30 years of files – scanning documents, finding online manuals, tossing papers no longer relevant, and laminating nostalgic items that are ready to fall apart. It is a trip down memory lane! I found old advertisements from the days before newsletters when friends and I would get together and stuff a few thousand envelopes for mailing! I found old papers I wrote for a high school science fair projects – "The Electrochemical Mechanisms of Memory!" It has filled my heart to see the amazing path life has taken and inspired me with countless ideas for future projects. As you can imagine, this is a messy process. I have stuff piled all over the place. It lends itself to me losing things easily, so the minute I can't find something I stop and imagine the feeling of joy I'll have when I find something. I imagine saying with relief, "Oh there you are!" and then I let go. Whatever was missing shows up within moments.As I ponder how to better organize things I imagine the feeling of total satisfaction I'll have when it is accomplished and ideas immediately follow. The universe is so lovingly responsive, more so than ever before. However, when I ignore my heart, the universe is still very responsive! Late last weekend after hours of organizing, I got tired. I would have been better off had I listened to my feelings and taken a break. Instead, I ignored what I know, pressed onward, and within minutes my laminator ate some priceless old newspaper clippings that my grandma once sent me. I had to laugh! I couldn't even get upset. Cause and effect are glaringly obvious these days! I refocused to a better vibe quickly, thanking God that I'd scanned these old clippings before attempting to preserve them, turned off the lights, and went to bed. I resumed the next day when my heart was more into the task. Not surprisingly the laminator worked perfectly :) That is a small, silly example of responsive energy. You can find larger ones everywhere you look. Honor your feelings and things come easily and quickly. Resist your feelings and you'll experience the tug of war between mind and soul as tension or complications in body, emotions, or life. We have collectively sent out massive waves of desire during this past year. We want a better world. We want easier lives. We want to honor our own souls more and be a contribution through joy. We want greater connection cleaner air, more appreciation of diversity, more honestly, authenticity and transparency. We want the freedom to create our lives as we wish, and the universe is responding. It IS intense right now. If you focus your energy in a way that is consistent with your own good feelings, you can ride these giant waves of love like a surfer who points their board and allows the ocean to carry them on a beautiful, powerful, current of love! Here are a few pointers on how to align with the intense energies instead of fighting them: 1. Honor Your Body Our bodies are always talking. They're always telling us what they need. If you stop and pay attention, you'll know what they want to eat, whether or not they need sleep, rest, movement, water, electrolytes of whatever it is. Listen to them. Take time throughout the day and check in. Do you need to move, stretch? Pay attention to what your body is telling you. For example, when I have heart palpitations my body is asking for calcium. When I have muscle cramps my body is asking for potassium - bananas anyone? When I feel buzzing energy in my nervous system, my body is asking for magnesium - time for magnesium lotion or take an Epsom salt bath! Because I deal with such intense energies in my daily work my body requires the minerals that keep the nervous system and heart healthy, and it lets me know in no uncertain terms when I forget! These are examples of my body talking to me. Your body will tell you what it needs too. 2. Honor your feelings Your feelings are your most obvious form of guidance. When something feels loving, inspiring, uplifting, motivating, or just plain good in a healthy/happy way, you can be assured that it is in alignment with your soul. When you feel frustrated, upset, or resistant, either the thoughts you are thinking or the actions you're taking are not in alignment with your soul. You're fighting your true self. Stop as soon as you notice, and ask yourself, "What thought feels better? What do I really feel like doing soon as I can?" Listen to your heart. Likewise, when you have to make a choice, rather than going through agonizing analysis, try to give yourself time to really "feel into" your options. Think of one option and see how it feels. Think of other options and see how they feel. You are projecting your consciousness into possible futures and your feelings tell you which one is the kindest choice. As well, when someone gives you advice, pay more attention to how you feel about it than what you think. Does your body feel good when you think about it? Does it resonate with you? Your feelings will tell you whether this advice is good for you. When you're in alignment with your soul, you feel good. When you're doing or thinking contrary to its loving guidance you won't feel so great. Play around with your thoughts and actions till you feel better and you'll soon be back on track. 3. Honor your Soul Take a few minutes a day in silence or doing something that plugs you into feeling the love. Meditate. Listen to beautiful music. Read a few pages of something inspiring or watch an inspiring video. Stand on the earth or get out in nature. Whatever you do, take time to connect with Love and appreciation every day. It doesn't matter what others told you about your worthiness. make a decision you are worthy of the universe's love then quiet the mind, soothe the soul, and intend to receive. These are exciting and challenging times all at once, but you can learn to align with the waves of love that are streaming in and enjoy the journey in spite of, or maybe because of, these intense waves of love! Love you all! Ann ©Ann Albers,

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