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Researchers Discover Plants Make Ultrasonic Screams When Stressed or Hurt

In recent years, we have learned that Plants are capable of seeing, hearing, and smelling, just like humans and animals. A new Study by Tzhak Khait and his colleagues at Tel Aviv University shows us a much deeper perspective on are plant life here on this planet. This is another example of "The Living Universe", and the concept that All things are the same consciousness in different forms.

For the very first time, plants have been recorded making airborne sounds when stressed or injured, which researchers say could open up a new field of precision agriculture where farmers listen for water-starved crops, effectively listening to the plants talk to find out when they need water.

Researchers discovered that tomato and tobacco plants made sounds at frequencies humans cannot hear when stressed by a lack of water or when their stem is cut. Microphones were placed 10 centimeters from the plants and they managed to pick up sounds in the ultrasonic range of 20 to 100 kilohertz, which humans are unable to hear.

That said, some insects and mammals will be able to hear these sounds at close distances. For example, a moth may decide against laying eggs on a plant that sounds water-stressed. could even hear that other plants are short of water and react accordingly. Researchers even speculate that they might be able to hear other plants making noises and then respond accordingly, which is simply mind-blowing.


There was a lot of research done into these plants and the sounds they made. Researchers found that on average, drought-stressed tomato plants made 35 sounds an hour, while tobacco plants only made 11. They also made high-pitched sounds when their stems were cut. For example, tomato plants made an average of 25 sounds in the following hour, and tobacco plants made an average of 15. Conversely, plants that were not experiencing any stress at all produced less than one sound an hour.

It doesn't stop there either, it is also possible to distinguish between the sounds for each different type of stress. The researchers trained a machine-learning model to discriminate between the plants’ sounds and the wind, rain and other noises of the greenhouse, correctly identifying whether the stress was caused by dryness or a cut, based on the sound’s intensity and frequency. An example would be the difference between water-hungry tobacco and cut tobacco - the plants appear to make louder sounds than cut tobacco, which the model would pick up.

Example of Screaming Plants


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