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Ready or Not, It's Happening!!!!

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

How are you feeling? We just went through one of the Most intense Energy surges yet. Boosts such as this, Bring Massive Changes in our Lives. These are the "shifts" that many refer to. Whatever is happening in your personal lives is a reflection of your own levels of vibration. At whatever vibration you are will determine what timeline you end up in. Remember that your Vibrations can affect others around you, and so their reflection can also affect you. Focusing on your intent to be of Higher Light helps keep you steady within your own Vibration. Within these Shifts we are often shuffled around or moved. It could be a job, relationships or a place to live. Whatever you are faced with understand that the Light directs us where we need to be in each moment.

This shift has Brought with it massive Waves of Pure Light. Light Brings Truth, but it also brings pure Unconditional Love. Because of this, Many are now experiencing positive movement towards a better way of life. The Light enhances the quality of life, to where there is less struggle and worry. When we are not in the survival mode of the lower Chakra, we can rise to the Heart and become at peace.

In this Now, the final Release of the old is taking place. This is an extreme release. The Lower emotions are being replaced, with higher understanding and Love. A New Perspective takes form which is a raising in awareness. What that means for us personally is, we are literally changing our Minds. Instead of allowing the lower emotions to be in control of you, you learn to control them. We make the Choice in every moment on what vibration we wish to be in. By staying within the Higher Emotions of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Caring, and Giving, we raise our own vibrations to meet that of the Higher 4th and 5th dimensions. There is nothing of the 3rd dimension that is sticking around, all will be transformed. What this will look like is a removal of all things that keep us stuck within the 3rd dimension. This major change starts within ourselves. As we change within to be only Love and peace, this then reflects to our outer world. As we change our Mind to be of a higher way of being we change our outside world by our actions to become the Light. Once you make the Choice to move forward into the Light, The Universe then adjusts your surroundings to begin the transition. The choice that has to be made is, "Service to Self" or "Service to Others". To be of Service to The Light you make the Choice to Be of Service to the "All", meaning to "All" Others, which is "The One". But when we are flip floppy about making that choice,the universe also is uncertain, leaving you misplaced and unable to move forward. The Higher Way is to be of Love in every moment to everyone around you not just to the "self". Loving and caring for your neighbor is part of this awakening. Do you know your neighbor??? Do you even care to know him??? To be a True Light "worker" we must become the Love we claim to be. No one is above another in anyway. We must Learn to Love our Neighbor as ourselves, because they are us, in a different form. We are the same energy. We are One.

In this 3D world the dark have tried to make Money the main determiner of Power. When in reality, the More of Love you are the more real power you have. The concept of Money has been rebuked by many Masters including Jesus saying it was created by the Dark for a way to control humanity. Well... here we are. Only the People with the Most Money has the power of what happens in the 3d World. That is Changing. As we move into Higher Light, All will now have the ability to be able to live without struggle and without worry. This is some of the first steps into a higher way of Being and into the Higher dimensions. You will soon see more things happening that at first you may not understand. Stop and think about whatever is being changed or shifted, is it something that can or can't be within the Higher spectrum of Light? Mother Earth is rising in frequency, So Must We. The Light is in control of this Ascension. It's happening whether you're ready or not. So Be It!

In so much Love and Light.

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio


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