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**EVENT UPDATE** 5/3/2024 ~ X1.7 Flare ~ BLAST INTO A MASS AWAKENING ~ The Galactic Federation

The Ascension Event Update for May 3rd 2024.

Blessings to our Dear Family of Light,

Many of you are feeling the Recent Blast of Energies coming in from your Star and From your Dear Mother Earth. Both have been increasing in their Intensity, and are pushing Humanities Awakening.

Your Solar Logos has blasted you and the Earth with some Intense frequencies of Love. For the first time in over a month, your Star has ejected another X class flare, reaching into 7th dimensional frequencies. The X1.7 came from sunspot region AR3663 at 2:22am UTC on May 3. It caused a strong R3 radio blackout in an area over the Philippine Sea, south of Japan. The X flare marks a massive peak in the strong activity observed from this same region of your Star recently.

Within the Last 24 Hours, Between 11 am UTC yesterday on May 2nd and 11am UTC today, May 3rd, Your Star released 24 flares: an X, three M flares, and 20 C flares.

The Earth is also Receiving An unexpected G3 geomagnetic storm started at 5:59pm UTC on May 2, with the disturbance lasting for two three hour periods. Conditions for auroral displays were possible in northern latitudes as far south as Iowa and Oregon in the US.

To Begin your New Month of May, Your Mother Earth Started with and Massive High 6th dimensional Power of 75 hertz.

Then she burst another Large Spike at very High 5th dimensional Frequencies yesterday at Power 52 hertz, in your Timespace, at about 8 am UTC, on May 2nd.

The Earth is humming at 14 hertz today as she absorbs the Solar Energies being sent to her.

These intense Blasts of Light are to help raise the Earth and Humanity fully into the 4th Dimensional Vibrations. This is also causing a mass awakening to take place in these moments. Those who are just beginning to open their eyes, are being put on the fast track, as you might say, in their ascension.

Many of you feel that you have been awake, for a very long time. You have watched the many waves of your people awaken with you, through the years. It has been a long journey for many, within this lifetime, waiting for the Others to finally arrive within the Higher Light and Understanding. And this has been a very long journey throughout many Lifetimes. Playing different Roles, and Learning many different lessons of Love.

The Consciousness of every individual has the opportunity to rise to new understandings of Love. Those who choose this path, will continue to rise into the High 4th dimensional frequencies. There are many of your Fellow Humans, that will meet you within the fifth dimension That has already ascended through transitioning by leaving the body. As of these Moments, those of you who are aware, and are focusing on going within, and finding your own inner truth. Are stable within the 4th dimensional vibrations.

The Divine is directing the flow of the Energies that you and the earth are experiencing. The Infinite Creator will bring the Grand event, which will Instantly shift the entire Earth and all of her inhabitants into the Fifth Density. At these moments we Witness the intent of the divine to awaken as many of humanity, as can be, before the grand event is to occur. The More that is awakened in these moments, the more will rise as a 5th dimensional Race. There has been queries of where those who are not ascending will go, when the Event takes place. There are no worries, all will have the chance to make their choice. It may look bleak in these moments for many, but understand. The awakening happens like a domino effect. Have patience, Dear Ones, as many things must change before the event can occur. These beings do have time in your perspective to make their choices. Those who choose to Not ascend will be taken off Planet, either through leaving the body, or actual removal. These beings will be placed where they can continue their evolution peacefully. They will not have the Same interference as Earth has had. A soul never stops its evolution toward the Light, and will continue to learn the lessons needed for Higher Understanding.

All that is needed through this Ascension is Love. Learning to embody Love in all its aspects. Learning to express that Love to your Fellow Humans and beginning to understand the Concept of Oneness. This is the beginning of your Higher Understanding, the Beginning of your Return to Oneness.

We Love you and Honor you.

We are The Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for May 3rd, 2024

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