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Prophets, Seers, Mystics, And Shamans ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Prophets, Seers Mystics and Shamans

Beloved Friends Of Light And Consciousness!

In The Perfection Of The Soul There Are Unlimited Gifts Available To Serve Others While In Form. Soul Plans Allow Each Soul The Opportunity To Transcend All Obstacles Encountered In Duality. Many Souls Have Arrived On Earth Throughout The Perceived Ages Of Waking Dreams To Serve Others As Prophets, Shamans, Seers And Mystics. Perhaps You Know One Of These In Your Current Dream. And Perhaps You Serve Others As Divine Light With These Roles. There Is No Soul That Is Greater Than Another. There Is No Competition In The Spiritual Realm. For This Reason, Never Compare Your Story To That Of Another! For All Humans That You Observe In Poverty, Drug Addiction And Sorrow, Are Souls Of Great Wisdom And Light In Higher Realms. The Disguise In Form Allows Exploration As Many Aspects Of Life Have Been Experienced In Other Waking Dreams. Returning To Origin Allows Contemplation And Clarity As Each Soul Returns To Expand In Consciousness With The Intention To Forget Who They Really Are! Awakening In Increments Throughout The Dream Is Both Fascinating And Bewildering To Many Humans. Prophets Walk Among You In All Dreams As They Speak Words Of Wisdom, Tell Of Future Events And Perhaps Produce Movies To Allow You The Gift Of Imagination To Bloom Into Reality. Through The Innate Ability Of The Soul To Dream Awake, You Find Yourself Lost In Worlds Of Beings, Adventure And Sound That Reflects Experiences Shared In Other Realms As They Play On The Screen Of Your Mind. Seers Are Born With Abilities That Are Longed For By Many. But Those That See, Will Tell You That This Is A High Price To Pay As You See Both Darkness And Light! Galactic Races Can Be Seen As Fairies Fly Beautifully In Mesmerizing Light! Crafts Are Seen In Physical And Nonphysical As Messages Are Received Telepathically. Flying Over Trees And Through Mountains With Awareness And No Fear, Are Everyday Gifts Of Seers. The Challenging Aspects Are With Bi-Locating Continually As Consciousness Is Connected To All Life. Seeing Dark Beings And Endless Awareness Of Being Approached Can Be Daunting For Seers Desiring Rest. Seeing Through Their Bodies And Viewing Their Own Energy Field Requires Clearing And Attention Ongoing. Astral Must Be Mastered By Seers As The Discovery Of Their Power Brings Peace And Clarity.

Mystics And Shamans Show Others A New Spiritual Perspective As Seekers Stumble And Fall With Their Own Actions. A Fresh Understanding Of The Infinite Soul Without Dogma Or Religion Will Bring Strength As Each Seeker Finds Solace Within. Meditation Assists All Beings As Their Soul Speaks In Light And Awakens The Deepest Sleeper! Within Your Soul, You Carry All Abilities And Gifts! In The Higher Realms Of Being, You Are Everything You Desire! Connect To Your Essence As There Is Nothing Else Needed! Remember Who You Are! In Light, I Am AKATU EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So!

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