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PLEIADIANS WARNING MESSAGE TO HUMANITY. Dear Pleiadians on earth, Many of us live here as volunteers in order to remove negativity from Earth . Each has their own abilities and tests.The people really evolved from other planets want you be free from this system . Positive aliens and negative . It does not change the Truth whether you believe it or not, because it has always been our reality.The Universes are naturally full of life and on various Dimensions . But this is kept secret on your planet . Your dark governments ridicule the clichés about existence Extraterrestrial , about the development of consciousness , in order that you do not get interested and laugh at it. The people in power have been lying to you for thousands of years about aliens and Cosmic Laws . They do not want you to know, because they are afraid of losing their power over you. They show you false images of space , so that you think there is nothing out there. Find out for yourself. They will be very angry when they find out that they have always lied to them . The people really evolved from other planets want you be free from this system . Positive aliens and negative . It does not change the Truth whether you believe it or not, because it has always been our reality. - Channeled By ALAAJ Subscribe like and Share if you appreciated the video 💛 Narration: Petra Ortiz -​ Visit my website :​ Support my channel:​ Special Thanks for joining our youtube membership, Consider Joining me today 🙏​ Thanks for watching ! 💜 #Pleiadians#DNAAWAKENING


Welcome to Universal Lighthouse.

Shining Light On the Path to Universal Enlightenment

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You will enjoy: Research and study from Universal Lighthouse and incredible articles and videos from all over the virtual world. This is including But not limited to, Ancient Texts, paranormal and supernatural exploration, Metaphysical Theology, Spiritual Awareness, and 5D understanding. You will also enjoy: Adventuring into the Unknown, Full Disclosure, UFO/UAP Phenomenon, Forbidden Archeology, New & Ancient Technology, Quantum Exploration, New Discoveries, Our Creative Nature, The Brilliance of The Universe and Much More.

Universal Lighthouse offers our own Writings Plus, other information that is found throughout the Internet, We do try and find the original source for this information. However, the opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily the beliefs of Universal Lighthouse. Please use discernment with all the information given. We offer this knowledge free for Research and Study Purposes. Not all Posts may be a current event but is to be used as a Library of information. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of humanity through knowledge, truth, and love. We are Shining Light On the Path to Universal Enlightenment

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Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Healing

Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Healing is an Alternative and Complementary health care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Offering Remote/Distant Healing using Ancient Egyptian Clearing, Metaphysical Practices, Soul Awakening Techniques & Meditations, Usui Reiki, and Quantum Energy Work.

​DNA Repair

Heal Emotional Trauma Past and Present

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Overcome Addictions

Heal Obesity and Other Weight Issues

Reduce Pain and Promote Cell Regeneration

Help Reduce Inflammation, illness, and Disease

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Entity Attachments

Pet Healing

And Much More...

Schedule a Cosmic Healing Session Today!!!

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