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Please Don't Deny Me "My Testimony" ~ By Chellea Wilder


Please Don't Deny Me "My Testimony"

To my Dear Family of Light,

Lately I know that I have been posting a lot of "shock" type of "disclosure" on the biblical faction of the control system. You must understand I do not like to cause any one to be triggered by what I post. This Website is for Full Disclosure, so that means I will expose Darkness even if its uncomfortable. Sometimes, when we hold on to old belief systems when they are exposed, it can put us in a type of Shock state. I wish everyone to understand that when I started this site, I did it to allow for some research that I had done, and my own writings, well life, changes things. So now the site is a Library of Information on many Topics from many talented Authors. But I haven't really ever told you "My Testimony" of My Journey and Why Disclosure is so important in my Life.


During my journey in this awakening I started out in life in a very conservative home, going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, Thursday Witnessing, Saturday Youth meetings and Every Month I would compete with other churches in Youth based Bible Trivia and Other Contests, winning Trophies for my Church Youth Group. During this whole Time seeing, and experiencing major Sexual Abuse, that was quietly being overlooked within the Church, Literally demonizing those who spoke up.

As I became older, I was recognized by the College Hyles-Anderson "Christian" College. I sort of got a work based type scholarship from them, so I was excited to go, it was in Crown Point, IN. and I was to do a Church Bus Route in Chicago every week, For the Church that Dr. Jack Hyles Ran, Which was a Big Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. This was where we The Students would attend Church every Sunday and Wednesday.

I was just a nowhereville country-girl from lower Indiana. I lived 7 miles from any Town and didn't even have indoor plumbing the first several years of my life. So Going away to a Big City was an amazing adventure for me, in the moment. However I was so unprepared for what I witnessed there. The Same Sexual misconduct happening between students and teachers and even the Preacher. Dr. Jack Hyles every Month would meet with all the girl students of the college in the big auditorium. He called us "HIS GIRLS". It was really sickening to see a bunch of young girls literally sitting on the preacher, hanging all over him. They were all calling him Daddy. This wasn't all I witnessed from Dr. Jack Hyles, but I will just say, he had his favorites.

After witnessing this at the college I was really let down, but that isn't what really changed my perspective of the church. I already had witnessed that behavior in my own home church, at a much smaller scale.

I was a devout Christian, Doing everything I could to please God. I was doing the scholarly journey through Complete Bible Study. One of My First Classes I had to take was "Demonology". For some reason they Made every First Year Student take this Class. I found this very strange because Christian Teachings do not even acknowledge anything other than you putting on your "Armor of God" against such things. Well after the first class I was talking with my roommates about what we had learned in the class. There were 6 of us in each dorm room, but only 3 of us was in there at the time. We were all sitting on top of our bunk beds me and Laura on one and Norma on another. We were all first yearers, or Freshman. As we talked about the Class I looked down at my glass of Water that was sitting on my dresser. The water was spinning like a tornado inside the glass. I screamed and at the same time a Light Bulb blew in a Lamp, that wasn't even turned on, sitting on another dresser across from me. We all screamed again and then tried to calm each other to see what was happening. We looked and seen the Light that Blew wasn't even plugged into the wall. This immediately Freaked us all out and we ran down to a Public area where there was a Very large living room that had Fireplaces on 3 of the walls. We decided to sit down on a couch that was facing one of those fire places. Above each fireplace was a head of different wild animals. The One above our Fireplace was a Moose Head. Within a few seconds of sitting there we felt compelled to look at the head at the same time. We all saw it change to a demon type head, Literally Like what I had been shown as being a Demon or Satan. We All instantly started screaming and took off running down the Long halls back to our Dorm. During this time of Day these halls were packed with students. As we ran every Light in the Hallways began to Blow out above our heads. At this moment I was completely terrified, and dropped to a fetal position on the floor, with Lights still blowing out all around me, I closed My Eyes tight. I could feel something very dark, sucking my energy, literally Drinking my fear. In that moment, I felt someone pick me up, and started carrying me. When I opened my eyes I was sitting at a desk with a Man known to me as Dr. Anderson, one of the founders of the college. I begin to tell him what happened to me... He immediately stopped me, and said to me, "This didn't happen" and "You are never to speak of it again".

I never saw my roommates again after that, I immediately got hold of my Parents and had them come get me. When I took this information in front of the Home Church, They shunned me as well saying it was my imagination, and told me to just pray about it and it would go away.

This was My BIG wake up Call, I was only 19 and I had witnessed one of the most terrifying moments of my life and I could talk to no one. I wasn't sure if what I had been praying to was the monster that I had witnessed. I knew Evil to be all through the Church by this point.

This began My journey into the Darkest of corners, I wanted to know more about what it was that had attacked me, and Why the Churches of America covers up paranormal and supernatural phenomenon, When Jesus himself supposedly casts out Demons from people, and threw them into swine.

But the Christian Churches of Modern Day does not believe in stuff like this, because it goes against the concept of you are either going to Heaven, or to Hell when you die,Immediately, Nothing in between. The Catholic actually believe in a Middle place, (Purgatory), but even that was taken out of the doctrine of the Protestant Christian Teachings.

Knowing all that I did within the Bible text and the doctrines of the church, and what I had witnessed,wasn't lining up. You see it's a BIG SIN in the Christian Belief to look anywhere but the Bible for Guidance and Truth. Hmmmmmmm, Stop and think about that for a moment. Look here, not over here, type of Control System, and Humanity is still falling for it.

You see after all of that, I realized I wasn't in the company of the Light at all, but rather a False Light, Hiding a very Dark Agenda. Through Divine Light I met a Man named Don Waddell who was a Metaphysical Minister. He gave me my first look at something other than the Bible.

I began doing paranormal investigations looking for answers, at one point actually starting up a "Team", named "Back From the Past" Paranormal investigations, with my Family. We captured so much evidence for people in their private homes and in businesses around our town. I began working doing energy Clearing at that Time, to helping clear negative energies for people in their home. We did this for free never making any money for it. During my paranormal investigations I came across many different types of beings from the other side, some very good and some very bad and even those in the middle. I had discovered the realm of disembodied spirits, but that's not all, also within the Unseen is Realms of many different vibrational beings, that all interact with Humanity. Some good, some bad. Even the ones we know as our guides and angels are there within that unseen. These are things I would have never learned within modern Christianity. They don't even tell you about the Angels amongst us, because it's also been scrubbed from the doctrines.

After all of This, I began to Search everywhere in ancient Text, and Tablets from around the world to find truth, But that still wasn't enough. In all of the Ancient Texts I searched, They all said the same thing, That God is "within" Each of us.

So I began studying Meditation, and other ancient teachings of Divine Mastery. By doing this I began to Find God within myself. This began My true Journey in this ascension Process. I had been so programed by a Fake religion, that I was literally afraid to see my truth. This was the Biggest step in my awakening. Once you see, that so much has been hidden from you by just being told not to look, You begin to actually open your eyes and Look and see that you have been Lied to. This is like putting a leash on a sheep and teaching it to stay in one spot and then taking the leash off, but the sheep still believes its there, so it don't ever move.

Most are afraid to look anywhere because they are literally being told not to, So they never will see the Hold that the dark has on them.

Anyways My journey into the Unknown began, and this is how I ended up trying to expose all darkness even in the most uncomfortable places. I am not doing this because I dislike anybody or their beliefs. What you believe is where you are at, in this ascension. I am Doing this because this is My experience of the Truth that I have found in My own heart, from The God within. I once was denied My Testimony, I no longer am controlled by that invisible leash. I learned that my journey was important for me to experience, so I could witness all sides of the darkness, and lift myself up out of it. I had to experience the Darkness, to See the True Light.

In so much Love and Light,


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