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Our True Connection With Humanity/ The Faerie Realm

Several years ago, I began to experience very synchronistic events in my life that led me to understand and speak with Faerie Creatures and the Ancient Elven races. The small Fairy or Pixie as many refers to them as, is what I first witnessed seeing with my own eyes. At first, I wasn't sure what I was witnessing, I had been studying about entering the other realms, through trance or meditation at the time, But this wasn't happening in a vision, It was in the Physical. Others around me started witnessing other types of beings as well. This became a Family experience, but For years I never knew my real connection with them until more recently.

Many People Remember The Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkien, well that isn't too far off from the reality of what things used to be in ancient times.

Deep in the ancient tunnels and caverns of this earth, there lives a very diverse group of beings. They once lived on the surface of the planet and lived in harmony and abundance. These beings are the same individuals who lived in Atlantis and Lemuria. There were many different races and species that coexisted together. During the dark cycle, the vibration of the planet dropped drastically and so humanity did too.

The Elementals were forced underground in early human domination especially during the crusades. Humans became the most feared and violent race. If it was not a Human and it walked on 2 legs, it had to go, in those times.

So the many different races and species who were higher Light made their way into the inner Earth, this included beings such as, the Elves, Faeries, Dragons, Unicorns, and many others, which were thought to be myths. These beings are known as the "Elementals" because they have the power of the elements and can control them. They All considered themselves the Keepers of Mother Earth (and still do). They were very ancient races, who had already come into their 4th-dimensional and Higher abilities. So to the Humans, they were considered to be Magical and were feared beings.

Even Today There is a great misunderstanding of who and what these Elemental Beings really are.

There are even those who believe Them All to be djinn or demons or just something of the imagination.

The Inner Earth Elementals range from "Lower 4th" to the High 9th-dimensional beings, so no, not all of the elementals are of Love and Light. Some of these elementals would be considered Dark or self-serving in nature. There is still a lot of discontent for humans amongst these "Lower vibration" beings. So yes, Those Lower beings may pay tribute to stories of djinn and demons.

Only the Elementals in the "High 4th" and up are benevolent and of love and light. The Good Fae folk range from what we would know as Gnomes and Brownies to Silver and White elves of the Higher dimensions, and Many different races in between, including Merfolk, Faerie, Sprites, and Deva. The Lower Vibrational beings such as trolls, goblins, redcaps, and leprechaun are also very real and are just a few of those which live within the lower 4th dimension and could be considered to be the djinn or demons that many refer to. However, to lump all of the beings into one category, should not be Done.

There are very High Vibrational Elementals that are on this planet with us at this moment who wish to help humanity in our ascension. To deny them is to deny our ancestry and who many of us really are.

There are those of us, who have Elven, or Dwarf lineage that has been erased from our history. If you are Irish, French, Welsh, or German there is a good chance you will have Elven or Fae genes. The ancient term "Faerie" was used to describe the Female of the Elven lineage. The erasing or vanquishing began during the Christianizing of the Tribes all over Europe. Most of the Wild Folk in those times were gathered and forced to take surnames and claim Christian Beliefs or to Die. Those they did not catch were then demonized as being evil and of the devil, causing the many races to go underground.

There is a lot of evidence of this happening in around the 900's to 1200 era. Especially from the old Irish Faerie Lore, which is still believed in today in Ireland. However, there is documented evidence from the medieval era, in early French history, of a Faerie or Merfolk Known as Melusine. The story was about a Half Fae and half Human being, who became the Queen. What's different about this story from others is, it is believed to be an actual fact, and there are still families today that claim to have a direct lineage to the Faerie folk in France. This is also the same Bloodlines from the Tribes of Danu, and the many beings from the Isle of Avalon.

The Tuatha Dé Danann, the people of the Goddess Danu, were one of the great ancient tribes of Ireland. The important manuscript 'The Annals of the Four Masters', records that they ruled Ireland from 1897 B.C. to 1700 B.C. The arrival of the tribe in Ireland is the stuff of legend.

These are just a few of the known things that weren't erased or forgotten. These Bloodlines are the ones that the elites desire, RH Negative types, They highjacked the Bloodline for selfish purposes, and to gain the powers of what is referred to as the Dragon lineages. The reason for the interest is because the Elven are one of the most ancient races in the Universe, they have many heightened abilities. They are the Keepers and Protectors of this Planet and Many others.

These Ancient Races still exist deep within the Earth's Heart. They have waited to emerge from their inner Earth homes until humanity is ready to know their truth of who and what they are.

They always have been with us, and they will always be. They are our ancestors.

I wish to add a Channeling today with this as well.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all Nature spirits for this moment in Time, and for your beautiful Insights.

As our ancestors what is the most important thing we should do to reconnect with you?

I am shown the words Dedication and Self-discipline. With all things, it takes both dedication and self-discipline to achieve any goal we may have. in this meaning I am being told to remember that the Dark don't sleep, so continue to work your light, don't give up. It takes dedication and self-discipline to achieve higher vibrations. In doing this we raise our Light to meet theirs.

With the Light vibration on the planet raising, Are people going to be able to see you more now?

I am shown a small boy fae sitting on a pumpkin waiting patiently for someone. They are asking us to be patient and it will happen soon.

What does humanity need to do to step out of the Illusion?

I am shown the words "Gentle" and "Kind". These are 2 very powerful words. They are showing me a "Heart" we must have a gentle heart and be kind to others. This is the only way for us to step into the understanding of higher Light Consciousness of the higher 4th and 5th dimensions. One must be a pure gentle and kind soul, to advance into the higher Light.

What is your message for today?

I am then shown the Word "Strength" To have strength is to have your own inner power and to stand strong in your understanding. I am immediately shown the image of a Lion and a Lamb, This Image can mean a lot of things at this moment. The lamb symbolizes gentleness and the Lion symbolizes strength. The Lion and Lamb also symbolize the month of March, it can come in like a lion and go out like a Lamb, referring to the Weather.

In all since though I am seeing it as a Time to have the strength and a Gentle heart. I am then shown the small boy again to have the patience that soon all things will be apparent. I am then shown the word "Truth". They are saying that all the Truth will be seen.

I am then shown a small Fae Protecting her garden of freshly bloomed Daffodils. She has recruited the lady bugs to help her. The Elementals are very environmentally concerned about this planet. They are her protectors. They ask us to help protect her and become more aware of our mother Earth's Needs.

The word "Patient" is shown to me again. and the Word "Strong". Be patient and Strong in the Days ahead. I am then shown a Faerie walking on a path. and the Phrase "Embrace your true Purpose".

Do you have any final Thoughts to tell humanity?

I am again shown the words "Dedication" and "Self-discipline". we are being reminded that it takes work to achieve our goals. I am shown a boy unable to make a decision of what instrument to play. This image is the path we choose. We have to make a decision on what direction we wish to go. The dedication and hard work will pay off. I am then shown the phrase be Grateful, You have so much to celebrate.

In so much Love and Light.

Channeled by Chelle, owner of The Inner Realm Blog and Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio

Faeid Communication Q & A and Message.

This is a Question and Answer session with Beings between the 5th and 9th dimensions that live within the Elemental Realms, or what we refer to as The Faerie Realm. This Realm is within the Inner Earth. They are multi-dimensional and so are frequently on the surface of the planet as well but must stay hidden from Human eyes. They are the Angels or Spirits of Nature and are the Protectors of this Planet and all her inhabitants. The Term “Faerie” Refers to All of the beings including Elves, Gnomes, Pixie, Sprites, Faerie, and Many other magical and multi-dimensional Beings.

This is channeled through many decks of Tarot cards and visual images or scenes I receive. I will tell you what the Faeries have shown me visually and the message they may give directly. I do not use the cards in the way that it is traditionally done in readings, The Faeries show me images or words, coinciding with the Answer to the question or message they are giving. There is also direct telepathic communication also in images.



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