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Nothing Can Stop, What is About to Take Place ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

It's a joy to connect with you in these moments of your timespace, as we witness your arrival into the Higher dimensions. We observe you, As you are growing daily, closer and closer, to The Moment of Transformation into a 5th degree consciousness. We also witness the struggles of balancing the many levels of frequencies that you experience just in your day-to-day lives. Most of you who actively read and listen to our Messages, are steady within the 4th degree, and working your way quickly into the Vibrations of Unconditional Love. You have already left the 3rd degree consciousness behind.

We are pleased to announce in these moments that the 6th Degree rays of Light that are coming from the 7 of the One, is now being seen by your Scientist. These brilliant rays of Light are directed by the divine through the 7 Light beings of The Infinite Creator, or the Ones you know as the 7 Archangels, or the 1st Children of Creation. As stated before in previous Messages, these beings are now here in the physical and beginning to project the 6th degree Rays toward Earth.

Your scientific community is now witnessing This Phenomenon. They are now observing the highest form of Light that they have ever seen or documented. There are 7 rays being projected toward Earth, but the Scientist are only mentioning one at this Moment. As stated before, they will not know what they are witnessing. Your Science can not explain the true phenomenon of the Divine.

Many things that are about to take place on your planet will not be able to be explained by your scientists, because they can only describe what they know. Just as you, they can only open there heart to the divine to be able to understand it.

This is a magnificent moment in your timespace, when all things you perceive to be real is not. While things that was perceived as fantasy, will become your true reality. This is when the veil has lifted for many, allowing you to observe into other realms and dimensions. Allowing you to see the real truth of the matrix that has enslaved you. And allowing you to stand in your power and know that you are not bound by the Dark Ones created reality. No longer will you be deceived. This is your Moment. This is your Moment to Shine, to be your Divine self. To be the Love you are meant to be.

Nothing is stopping you now. Nothing but yourself. Nothing but your own ego telling you, that you can't because of this or that. It does not matter what your physical body is enduring, your spirit, your consciousness, expands whether your body can in this moment, or not.

Yes eventually Humanity will have no disease or illness. And of course once we are able to freely give you, the people of Earth, our technology, you will receive medical help. As of Now, there are still controllers on your planet, that will not allow for this technology to be freely distributed. However, Your ascension is of Consciousness.

The Human body will begin to change permanently throughout generations. You must understand that the physical body is not what you are ascending in these moments, You are ascending in Consciousness. Humanity will evolve to a 5th degree physical form, But it takes time for body transformations and evolution, at least through a few generations.

But as of Now, Most people on your planet have physical problems, like injuries, sickness, or deformities with their bodies, That can not just disappear. We are here to tell you that you will Still ascend. Your body isn't shed, you don't have to leave the body to do so. It is your perspective and the amount of Love that you hold that matters in an ascension.

It is all about your consciousness, What is in your Mind and what is in your Heart, and what you perceive to be truth. it is grasping the Higher understanding of Love in any situation.

We would like to Remind you that when Sananda or the One you know as Yeshua, walked the Earth, he was still in a normal human form. But had obtained Consciousness ascension and was able to perform what Those in his timespace perceived as Miracles. These miracles are qualities of the ascension. His physical Body was not changed at that moment.

After his Life was taken from him, He returned to his actual angelic Form and then returned to Earth to teach his followers for another 11 years. However, if he was never murdered, he would have stayed within his body as an ascended Master.

Now, You are the Ascended Masters of your Timespace, soon you will all begin to have the gifts of Yeshua. You yourself will be able to heal those who are sick, and Raise your loved ones from Death. You will even be able to walk on water, and feed the Hungry by manifesting food. Maybe even cure your own disease or heal your bones that have been crippled.

Your world is about to transform because you are ascending your consciousness to a level that you hold and embody the divine consciousness of your higherselves. It all happens within first, You are raising to a Higher level of understanding, of Oneness, of Love.

Each degree of Light, is a different level of Love. as your Consciousness evolves to that next phase, you become a more Loving caring and compassionate being, This just keeps expanding until you have merged back to The Light of the Infinite., But it doesn't stop there, you then return to do it all over again. Love is infinite and never ending, just as your Light. You are not your Body, You are infinite and never ending.

Nothing can Stop, what is about to take Place. You are ascending, Your Earth is ascending, We All are ascending Back to Unconditional Love.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine.

Channeled By Chellea Wiklder at


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