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“Cyron is back on board. From the level of the view of the earth, Cyron welcomes you, in joy and in love for the whole.

From this plane, the earth moves interdimensionally. That is, all changes and adaptations run straight, as a kind of uplifting act that triggers the earth further, from deep layers of low densities.

As a cosmic image, an image whose representation exists in several dimensions. gradients can be recognized that facilitate the earth, in its kind, out of the dense nebula and connect it to the ethereal-light dimensions of reality.

The flow of being streams, penetrates the atmosphere and is distributed through the movement of the existing transformations into areas of life. The flow pattern provides information about the state and progress, with regard to the rise of the earth.

Cyron can confirm to you that “much is happening” and the earth temporarily takes on forms of metamorphosis of higher, plastic moldability. These transformation processes accompany the earth in order to achieve new adaptation modalities and to align with the new hierarchy of light.

Abstract vision allows you to pass on the course in simple words. In summary, planet Earth is in motion, and this movement creates changes of all kinds. An interaction with cosmic activities, the incidence of light and countless information that characterizes the course of the ascent ensure the further development towards the “New Dimension”.

Physically speaking, currents of transformation flow through all fields and provide light information that stands for interaction with the energies to be changed.

You beloved light servants of the New Age, Cyron can confirm to you that the great light is coming in and expanding and renewing everything. The stronger and more consolidated the expansion, the more promptly the light integrates and goes towards the point of the planetary change of dimension.

Create spaces in which you can feel comfortable and in which you recognize yourself as much as possible as the self that you are. Find out who you are and live out this example of divinity. You are needed for the transformation aspects that crystallize with the fall of the matrix and affect many souls.

As a soul community of light, you go ahead, and each of you is a link for the levels of reality. Feel what is important at every moment. Stay in your presence. The earth is dependent on you, as foundations. An exchange of non-verbal information takes place. It is soul information that leads you and activates the knowledge of progress in you.

You will receive assistance from the star lights, a special award that happens to you in the response with the star siblings. And so you, my beloved lights, rise further and further into the river of renewals.

Pleiadic messages come to you in the form of telepathic clues. We are very close. Our ships continue to put different light forms into the atmosphere. The light forms serve as graduation in the process of light and being expansion for the New Earth and linger until a frequency increase has taken place.

Everything that is not connected to reality and does not develop passes away, as there will no longer be any stops in the energetic system.

You are thinking a lot about your animals. Your animals are in preparation to adapt to new, energetic systems of life or to choose the path of ascension that makes them subtle. Divine new forms emerge. These forms express the new, more subtle way of life more strongly. Each animal soul or group soul of the animal is informed and prepares according to the divine plan.

Everything, every aspect, every expression of life, receives an orientation in the energy of love. Being vibrates in the flow of love, and the countless expressions of love are supported.

Cyron would like to support you with an energetic word. It favors the introduction of high light particles and aligns your systems in the existing vibration:

Melana' anam

If you like, go in silence in resonance to this word and get dressed. Stay in the level of NOW and convert your energy systems from there.

Aligning with the beauty of being lets you balance your systems. Flows with the current of the unit. Others will follow. Keep up straight, at a time when a lot can happen and where a lot is brought to a conclusion. Life flows free of attachments through your systems, and experiences on new levels arise.

The sun is an event carrier, an ambassador of light and change. Inflows from the central sun no longer allow a return on earth. Since a lot of light flows down on you in the coming time, everything untruths gets the opportunity to be recognized and transform itself. Escape energies that have kept you far too long in smallness and oppression.

The principle of attraction states that everyone, according to his correspondence, receives what he represents as an expression in his entirety. Dark, low vibrations are now inevitably transported and converted to light.

Cyron is grateful for this development. Be in love, for yourself and for all life. It is life that flows through you and nourishes you.”

Cyron of the Pleiades... Received from


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