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Moving Past 3D Struggles (Article)

Remember, ego operates within the confines of 3d. It is all about the external because that’s how it defines itself, with what it has, what it knows, how it looks, what it does, what it likes, what it believes. Ego identifies with the body, the environment, the job, the relationship, the money… it has. Ego also defines itself with the stories it made up, as to why this is so and why it behaves as such. Ego identifies with its fears that define its limits. It identifies with its past that define its limits.

The Higher self, the higher version of you, doesn’t operate from 3d. That’s why you can only find her, connect with her, when you step away from 3d, like when you meditate, go into silence, stop all thought about all the external things in your life. The Higher self, that jewel that is hidden in the shell of the 3d ego image, is always there, simply invisible, untouchable, unattainable to the one operating from 3d.

The Higher self won’t come to you unless you make an effort to step in her direction. You have to make the effort, every single time, to move closer to your Higher self, and so detach from the world of 3d, of form, for a while, so you can connect with that higher aspect of you, and not just hear her, but blend with her for a while, become familiar with her energy, live within her energy, her frequency, her vibration for a while, until it becomes all you seek.

What you want you already have. What you desire another to do for you, you can do for yourself. What you seek outside of you already is found within you. What you are waiting to hear even from the higher aspects of yourself, is already part of you, accessible to you, ready to be spoken by you.

You are not a puppet on a string, you are a free being, remember. Yes there’s a plan and your soul has a plan, but it doesn’t mean you fold your arms and await instructions, it doesn’t mean you go to sleep and wait to be awakened. It means you use your free will to decide in every moment, whether you want to move closer to your Higher self, to that higher version you are becoming, or whether you want to stay comfortable in 3d.


Your emotions are more than just telling you this thought is right or wrong, as in true or false. Your emotions are really telling you whether you are stepping in the direction of your Higher self or whether you are moving away. Whether you are on the bridge to 5d or back in the puddle of 3d. They lead you to your Higher self, to the better version of you, when you listen, when you pay attention, when you are honest with yourself.

And when you are aware of that war within, you have a choice to either continue the struggle or let go and join your higher self in the peace where she dwells.

All your struggles are 3d struggles, they are a fight you cannot win because you are fighting shadows. The external world is a shadow of the internal world that follows you wherever you go. Until you tend to the inner world of thought and feeling, the outer world remains the same. When you stand in front of the sun, it casts a shadow of you on the ground, but you cannot change the shadow, you have to change the original image, which is you, then your shadow changes as a reflection and nothing more.

You are always doing well from our higher perspective, because we are not keeping score of the mishaps. We are too busy counting every successful step forward. It will do you good to do the same.

We love you very much.


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Dec 21, 2023

That was directed to struck the cord.

I appreciate this wisdom..I must go deeper and reflect on the sun casting our shadow...if I can just get this to sink in...everything that shows up in my life is merely a reflection of what I've been doing or thinking 😑


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