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Message from The Council of Elders Of Sirius

Hello, our dear brothers and sisters from planet Earth.

Today we will tell you about our planet and how closely we are connected with you.

You will be surprised, but among you there are our real brothers and sisters from past lives, since many of you were born on our planet and even more than once.

That is why we are very similar in appearance, although our bodies have a different subtle energy structure, and our skin has a slightly different shade - bluish.

This is explained by the fact that on Sirius the air is less saturated, and the atmosphere itself has a different chemical composition.

Our planet can be called a blue planet, since not only our skin, but even nature has a slightly bluish tint.

We have a lot of mountainous terrain, so our houses are built higher in order to maintain harmony with the landscape, and also to save space.

But they don't look anything like your houses, because they don't have sharp corners and are irregularly shaped--probably quite abstract in your opinion. Our architects attach great importance not only to amenities, but also to aesthetics, both external and internal.

We do not have large cities like on your planet, because we understand that only in merging with nature can we feel harmonious and happy.

The climate on our planet is very mild and comfortable for living.

The social structure of our society resembles a commune as you understand it, or an urban community, but it is structured in such a way that there is virtually no hierarchy of power.

Such communities are headed by Councils of Elders, who are elected from the most beloved and wisest inhabitants of our planet. And they treat others as their own children, never showing arrogance or pride.

While you live in a dual world, it is probably difficult for you to understand that it is quite possible to live without bosses and instructions from above.

If the Elders ask us for something, it is always friendly advice, but not pressure on us, since the free will of every inhabitant of the planet is an immutable law.

Do you think this is fantastic, dears? But we live in the world of the Fifth Dimension, where the energy of Love reigns, and everything is saturated only with it...

When the need arises to discuss some planetary problems, each city sends its representative to the Supreme Council of the Elders of Sirius, where collegial decisions are made for the benefit of the entire planet.

We have neither a capital nor a president, since this presupposes a certain power structure, which is already a product of duality.

Families are created with us a little differently than with you, since the decisive factor in connecting a man and a woman are certain “ciphers” embedded in our subtle energy structure, which recognize their “soul mate” by vibrational sound. This is a little difficult to explain to you, but this is what makes the most harmonious and happy couples possible. I think this results in the most harmonious and happy couples.

The birth of children also occurs in a slightly different way: as a result of the fusion of the strongest energy emissions of a man and a woman at the moment of pleasure with each other, a kind of cocoon is formed, but not in the womb.

It is kept in a special incubator, where ideal conditions are created for the development of the embryo. Its development can be observed, and when it is fully mature, an incision is made in its shell and the child is born.

Thus, the birth of a child does not bring suffering to the mother, and throughout the months of gestation of the embryo, parents can observe its development, admire it, talk with it...

You might be interested to know what we eat.

Only plant foods. Our planet has highly developed technologies for growing and processing fruits and plants. They are, perhaps, not similar to those on earth.

We have a very clear distribution of responsibilities: everyone does what they know how to do best,- what they have a passion for and from which they get true pleasure.

And believe me, this approach turned out to be very reasonable. In this way, the needs of our society are naturally regulated, and we do not lack anything.

We really hope, our dears, that soon you, having escaped the world of duality, will be able to feel what it means to live in the Fifth Dimension, where you will be truly free and happy.

We love you very much and will be with you during this difficult transition period for you.

The Council of Elders of the planet Sirius spoke to you

With Love, Liberty

Original title, The Galactic Federation of Light, Sirius 

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