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 IT'S TIME, The Choice is Yours ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

An Array of Galactic Activity is taking place Beyond the Veil Which is affecting many things happening in these moments. The choices' That are rising for humanity will determine, the long term Outcome for your entire race. The Earths ascension is well underway and will continue to be the Main focus for those assisting in the process. However, Humanity as a collective, must choose what direction to go from here.

There are countless species throughout the cosmos, all with their own intention, and All have freewill. And many have chosen to be here in these moments of your timespace.

Behind the scenes, There are many more extraterrestrials arriving for the Grand show. These beings are traversing from all over the universe. Some positive, and some not so positive, with poor intentions toward humanity and the Earth. All are being monitored for the protection of Humanity. There are many channels out there who are making claims that all Dark or lower vibrational extraterrestrials are Gone from your Solar system. This is Not total truth, Some of them were removed and have been kept at bay. But not all of them have been totally removed.

There are still many reptilian species on your planet, along with their Tall Grey Maitre counterparts, hiding in the shadows. A way for you to witness this, is to see who is still in control on your planet. If you still have the Cabal in Control, then they still have their Negative ET Puppet masters backing them, controling them behind the scenes. Nevertheless, Their control on your planet has weakened greatly. However, with the recent arrival of More Negative ETs, They are trying another attempt to stop your ascension as a Collective. All attempts at stopping the Earths Full ascension, is blocked. Humans as a Race however, is much different. Each Human will make their own choice for the ascension, But the Human species as a collective may not all ascend. This will cause a Dimensional Split in your species, some will move on to Higher spectrums, while Many will be enslaved under the Darker extraterrestrial control. 

Humanity Must be able to make their own Choice, as a collective.

 The Beings who have ill intent are backing the Cabal on your planet. While those of us who are here for your protection, will not allow for any more interference to occur. For many thousands of years, the Cabal and dark extraterrestrial, has ruled over your species. They do not want to let that control go. However, they know that Humanity must make their own choice. The Dark cabal has full intentions to influence your decision.

This is where many of your Galactic Families have stepped in. Humanity must make their own choice without interference. But what is the Choice that Humanity must make? The Choice is very Simple. To either choose Unity or Separation. Each one of you make the Choice to care or to not care, about your Fellow Humans. The Cabal has put this choice within a political stand point within the United States and many other countries, Tricking many into making negative choices. The Political arena, is only a Diversion, A way for the Cabal to separate you from each other. They Use Unity and Separation as political parties. If you are for Unity, Oneness, and Love then you must be a democrat, and if you are all about ME first or selfishness, Separation, and Not helping Others then you are a Republican. The truth is they are both political parties against Unity, Oneness, and Love. The Dark Forces, on your Planet, Know that Humanity must make the choice between Unity and Separation. So they use your Politics, Religion, and cultural differences to influence your choice. You are witnessing a staged play taking place, to where the Political Parties are attacking one another. This is staged for you to make the wrong choices. They are tricking Humans into excepting their enslavement. Literally choosing Martial Law, Policing, and Dictatorship. This choice will be The demise for a big portion of the Human species.

At these moments, the wrong choice is being presented as the right choice and vise versa. So how do you know if you are making the right choice for your ascension. This is where your truth is shown.

Are you caring about the Drug user down the street and concerned for their soul, or are you putting them down about the wrongs in their lives, and pushing them away because of their situation?

What about the Mentally ill Girl that is homeless, do you give her a dollar when you see her and ask her how she is doing? Or do you push her away, and ignore her. Do you give to those in need, or are you ignoring them and claiming they did it to themselves?

Many here on your Planet at this time, are here for you, to help you make the positive choice. To test your true intention. If you ignore these tests, you have still made your choice.

To Ascend into the Higher Vibrational spectrum of existence, you must raise into the Higher Understanding and choose to BE Love. You Must Choose Compassion. You must choose to care for those less fortunate. You Must Choose Unity.

You each make your own Choice. The Human collective will also make a choice. The Dark has played a very deceitful game with humans. You must awaken to see this deception, and Choose wisely.

For those who have stepped away from politics and other separation games of the Matrix, you have Cracked the darks Game. You are the ones, leading the Human Ascension. Continue to move forward in Love, Continue to Love One another.

 It's Time, The Choice is yours.

We Witness you, We Celebrate you and we Love you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to serve the Divine.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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