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It is OVER ~ Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and currently serving the Earth Council for the ascension of the earth. We see you, my dear brothers and sisters.

We see that your physical bodies have been assaulted for a long time. and that you have allowed your lives to be programmed and controlled to the fullest extent by the dark ones who would harvest you for so very long.

Now, this is all coming to an abrupt end at this time. No wonder I have been fully focused for these many years on the earth. We proclaim today that you will never ever be harvested again. The dark ones are being dealt with and many have already been removed. We have big plans for the earth and a wonderful new planet coming into creation for all who live on earth.

The days of agony and despair will soon be a thing of the past. It is over. You will soon become aware of the mysteries of your own bodies as well as that of the earth. You are the Light Brigade who are activating your powerful multidimensional selves upon doing this. You are also working with the planet to become her fully awakened self. What a powerful combination.

This is why you were specifically chosen to be on the earth. At this time, your light consciousness, love energy, healing and beautiful hearts are bringing this great awakening. You are already being shocked with information. In fact, you could be shaken to the core. You are clearly learning that life is not the way you thought it was due to the fact that you have been living in a false reality called the matrix.

You are awakening to the truth that some people you thought were good, are bad and that some people you thought were bad are not.

Many organizations will prove to be untrustworthy and even horrific. What happens next is that you will take your power back as divine spiritual beings on beloved mother earth.

the past will dissolve and in the future, life will be light infused in beauty, joy, happiness, abundance, peace, freedom and all good things. you truly deserve this goodness.

Tomorrow is a new day. You will be divinely guided through the morass of possibilities for your new lives. We will be working with you joyfully to provide what we have to share, to make your lives better and easier. We will enjoy getting to know you, have fun, and celebrate you, in the new earth. I lovingly say goodbye for now. I am Mira, your galactic friend.

Channeled by VALERIE DONNER Received through Transcript, from G F L Station on YouTube.


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