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In This Moment ~ The 7D Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends Of Earth! As You Have Learned Throughout This Waking Dream, All Experience Is In The Moment Of Now! The Concept Of Linear Time Is An Illusion As Life Is Happening For You In The Perception Of Your Individualized Awareness Of Being. If You Were Able To Remove The Constructs Of The Created Story, You Would See And Feel The Enormity Of Your Akashic And Life In Origin! Indeed, This Pinpoint Of Infinity Is Only A Moment From The View Of Higher Realms. For This Reason, Live Your Life And Create With Intention This Moment Which Will Open To The Next. Your Judgement And Perceptions Will Decide How You Experience The Next Moment. And Then The Next Moment Of Being Will Be By Your Own Design! As You Realize In Truth That Each Aspect Of Life Will Visit You In Multiplicity, Know Also That Each Experience Will Have An Opposite Frequency Of Feeling And Emotion. This Momentum Of Ever Changing Variables Allows You To Understand Great Meaning And Choices Of Change That Will Benefit You And Other Souls In Form! A Comforting Exercise Of Truth Is To Remember That Nothing Stays The Same. While You Realize That Grief Is Upon You, Relax In Stillness As You Commune With Your Own Soul. Know In Truth That If This Is Apparently The Moment Of Feeling Grief, Another Moment Of Healing Will Be! Each Aspect Of Experience Can Be Approached In This Manner. There Is A Moment For All Things. Breathe Deeply And Find Solace In All Aspects Of Being! The Pangs Of Birth Are Followed By Moments Of Bliss! The Agony Of War Will Eventually End With Peace. A Feeling Of Loneliness Will Be Stopped With A New Friendship As The Joy Of A New Beginning Is Discovered. The Battle For The Mind Has Always Been In The Control Of The Thinker! In All Waking Dreams, Sages And Mystics Have Taught Of Your Innate Wisdom And Creative Power. If Only You Can Harness Your Thoughts And Quiet The Mind, Can You Find Peace Within That Is Always Present! Allowing Your Energy Field To Be Invaded By Incessant Thoughts Of Discord, Will Change The Physiology Of The Body Form As Well As Your State Of Being! You Are The Creator Of Your Story As You Choose High Vibrational Thoughts Of Love! Regardless Of The Outer World Of Events, You Can Find Perfect Peace As You Discover Who You Really Are In This Play Of Form! You Have Moved And Lived Among Other Souls In Multiple Dreams And Now The Power Is Yours Alone To Transcend All Perimeters Of The Existence On Earth And Fly With Us Again! Soon We Rise As One! The End Will Be The Beginning! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! AKATU.

The 7D Pleiadian Collective. Original title, A Moment For All Things, Received telepathically by Judith Lynn @FamilyofTaygeta on X


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