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**Important** Urgent Message... Send Your Love to Conflict Zones ~ The Beings of Light

Important, urgent message

Send your love to conflict zones.

The dark ones will try their best to make conflicts, but you must know, that wars will no longer be allowed to proceed in full agenda. So don't be afraid of anything. And yet, the dark ones control technology, mass information and can create an illusion, This does not have to be your reality. It's just an illusion to cause as much fear as they can.. Their attacks on the innocent will not go unseen. All will be held accountable for their actions against others.

Lightworkers, you are much more powerful than them, than the darkness. Nothing in this Universe can match the power of love that you have in your hearts. You are not weak at all. You are very powerful. The power of your thoughts, the power of your love can stop any conflicts. You can shape, command and remake your reality with your will, your vibration.

It's just an easy walk for you to stop a few small soldiers. You can be sure of that.

You are not small at all, you are powerful, just like the CREATOR. You are not separate.

You don't need to be saved, but you are the one who saves! The one who brings peace. The one who uplifts the entire Universe with a kind word, a compassionate look, a forgiving smile.

You are the strongest of the strong! The highest of the highest! You are not weak.

Go and change everything from the inside out. Lift yourself up: enjoy nature, laugh, dance, smile, do whatever raises your vibrations.

Lightworkers, spread this message. Spread and send your love, your light, to the regions in conflict! Even for those who organize these things, send them lots of love too.

Darkness is not equal to light. Darkness in the presence of light simply disappears.

Send love from the bottom of your heart!

You are asked to send love to conflict regions and the entire Earth as many times a day, as you can, every day.

Every day you can join the collective meditation of the light workers and send love to such regions and the Earth.

Meditation is performed every day at 11.11 am. and 11:11 p.m. in your respected areas, until the problem disappears.

During meditation, open your heart and send love, light. See peace, tranquility, loving and cheerful, smiling people, joy and happiness, and beautiful nature.

Spread this message in any way you can.

Blessings to you all!

God be with you!

You are loved much more than you can imagine.

With love and light,

Beings of Light.

Received on Facebook by Raimonda Raimoncikas


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