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Important Message for Humanity ~ IT'S YOUR DESTINY ~ The Angels

Blessings Dear Ones,

We are the Angels, We are always with you, standing next to you, and guiding you along your path. Leading the way through the darkness. We serve you, and protect you. But we do not impose on you. You make your own choices, you have total control of your destiny. We lay the stepping stones when you take a step into the depth of the unknown. We are there for you, when you fall, reaching out a helping hand. There has never been the need to ask for our assistance, because it just is. We serve you, and we will continue to serve humanity as you raise into the Higher light. Our service, to you, has been to help lift your conscious awareness out of the dream state of the material reality. We leave you signs and messages to guide you through the darkness. Many of you have picked up on the gifts of our Love. And are now actively, and consciously, working towards your ascension out of the darkness.

The physical Universe that you witness, from a 3d Perspective, is the dance of Sophea's Creation. This Physical Reality is not your Home. It is only where you began your journey. You are about to raise out of this physical reality and move into a higher form of Light. A higher vibrational state. Which raises you out of the Material Universe that you perceive reality to be. The True reality of Our Infinite Creator, is of Non-physical. As you raise higher in vibration, your physical bodies will change its vibrational structure.

As most of you know, through your scientific understanding, that Nothing is truly solid. Solidity, is an illusion of a vibrational state of being. The Lower the vibration, the more solid something would appear to be. The energies that are being vibrated are pure Light,

All that exists, within all infinity, is Consciousness, Light, and Vibration. The Light is of the infinite Creator, The Father's Essence. It is what everything is made of. The Consciousness that you perceive yourself to be, is actually of The One consciousness, which is the infinite Father himself, which is then fractaled out into Light bodies that are vibrating at many different levels, from a microorganism to a 12th dimensional Angel. The different levels of Vibration are divided into different dimensional states of consciousness, and physical existence.

This is why Nothing of the 3D Material Illusion, can exist within the 5th dimensional spectrum.

As you raise in vibrations through your conscious effort, and receive the Light from the cosmos you are changing the cellular structure of your physical Bodies. You are turning from a carbon based, heavy form, to a form of Crystalline Light of Fifth dimensional vibration. Which in the perspective of a 3D consciousness is invisible.  

You will continue to raise in Light and Love, and the bodies you will reside within will be of the Higher vibrational Light bodies, until you reach around the 9th dimension.

At around the 9th dimension, you completely become non-physical, and are at a stage of Oneness with the All. But you will still perceive a form of individuality within that oneness. This Understanding is the Embodiment of the Higher Self, your God self. The Evolution out of the material universe, is your destiny, and is why we will continue to serve you. What you understand as The different dimensions Is The different vibrational Levels of the Light Spectrum of existence. When you look at a Rainbow, you witness the many colors of the Light spectrum, you are actually receiving a small glimpse into your spectral existence of Light. You are brilliant beings of Light, that are ascending back to the Infinite oneness from where you first came.

. We Lift you in Love and raise you in Light.

We serve you in the Divine Love of the Mother/Father. We are the Angels.

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