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Higher Forces Overseeing the Earth's Destiny ~ Mike Quinsey (Channeling Higher Self) (Article)

Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - November 24, 2023

Time marches on and is still increasing faster than previously and is to be welcomed, as slowly but surely it is leaving the old behind. The changes are inevitable as you are entering a New Age where the vibrations are speeding up. As you continue to travel deeper into space it is inevitable, and welcomed that everything of the lower vibrations is being left behind. It means that time for the dark Ones to continue with their evil plan for world domination is limited, and in fact they can no longer achieve their objectives.

However, they would rather try to destroy everything rather than admit defeat. Be assured that will not happen as greater forces than theirs are looking after the destiny of the world and its people. It has been so for eons of time although the dark Ones have had freedom to carry out their plans. They can only be thwarted by those of the Light opposing them. It is the Rule of the Laws laid down by the Higher Forces overseeing the destiny of Mother Earth and its people. It may seem at times that the dark Ones have a free reign to do whatever they like, but it is not so as there are limitations as to their actions based on the overall situation.

There has always been a plan for the growth of Humanity and greater powers than yours are really in charge. It may sound strange since Earth is a freewill planet, but there has always been a limit to how far it is allowed to go in the negative direction. At present it is a most important time as your future is at stake, but do not fear the outcome as the plan for your salvation is still on track. Never despair regardless of how things appear to be working out as your future is assured. There are so many unseen workers mapping out the road to success so never doubt the outcome regardless of what is happening around you.

If you really knew how much is being arranged for your future happiness you would not have any doubts whatsoever. All souls have the freedom to make their own choices and life becomes much easier when they fulfil their life plan. Events in your lives are pre-arranged so as to move you along the path to completion although it is a long way off just now. You imagine that you are in full control of your lives, but there are so many factors governing the outcome. You would be surprised if you knew the extent to which your actions are monitored to ensure they are in line with your needs and life plan.

When you are born and commence a new life as you might imagine much planning has gone into it, in which you have had your say as it is discussed with you prior to birth, which is how your important experiences are pre-arranged even although they may not appear so. It is where your Guides play an important part to ensure all happens accordingly, and often appears without your involvement although it is part of your necessary experiences. It is why you should take noticed of what is happening around you as it may have some bearing on future events that will involve you.

Who you meet, who you marry are all part of the plan to ensure you have the experiences you need to evolve. When you consider that all other souls in your family are also working out their life plan it sounds mind boggling but it does work because you were all primed as to what to expect. You choose your parents so that is a good start and they in turn are ready for you having discussed your coming birth and your needs. However, bear in mind that some relationships are not easy and again that is a challenge to all concerned to learn to get on together. It can be so complicated that it would be difficult to put it into words. The best advice is to take it as it comes and know that all experience is of value.

Do not envy those who appear to have an easy life and no worries as you might never know the true reality that exists. Things are often not what they seem from the outside and that applies to most people who tend to hide their true self where others are concerned, it is very difficult to know what to think. It is where a sense of feeling their energies are is concerned as everyone is giving them out, you really can get a feeling of what a person is really like. One of a very low vibration would for example seem “off putting” and even repellent, and if you feel uncomfortable with someone like it treat it as a warning sign.

These are certainly difficult times for most people and it is surprising how many show their true colours when under stress. The world has become more lawless place since the Covid problem and it is becoming harder to keep Law and Order. So be careful who you deal with and use your sixth sense to gauge how you feel about a person. Some criminals are very clever at obtaining your confidence in them and who knows where it will lead. In these times you must be alert to those who try to hoodwink you. If something does not feel right take it as a warning and be careful.

Through all of the trials and tribulations of recent times you have been experiencing new situations, testing your ability to keep calm when all around seems in chaos. In general you have been able to stay firm and not be swayed by what has been going on and we urge you to maintain your stance and not be affected by outside occurrences. Your peaceful attitude will help others to “weather the storm” rather than be fearful of what the future may hold. We can assure you that at the end of the tunnel is a glorious light that will delight you to know that your efforts have not been in vain.

One day you will look back at this period of unrest and changes, and realise that your efforts were not in vain. You will have earned the rewards of your endeavours and rightly so. These upsetting times will become just a fleeting memory when you leave them behind for the wonderful future that lays ahead. Every soul will eventually find its right place and proceed to grow and evolve at lightning speed. You have so much to look forward to if you did but know it. So do not be disillusioned by present events as these will soon pass. You were chosen to be present at such a time because of your experience and ability to adapt and still help others to find the Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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