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**EVENT UPDATE** ~ 3 X CLASS SOLAR FLARES IN 24 HRS ~ Humanity is being ZAPPED Awake!!

The Ascension Event Update for February 23, 2024

Greetings Dear Family of Light,

  The Earth and Humanity just received the Biggest burst of Frequencies yet, In this preparation for the Grand event.

Your Solar Logos has been quite busy. Three Massive X Class Solar flares in the Last 24 hours. An X1.9, X 1.7, and a massive X6.3 Coming again from the Sunspot region 3590. This sunspot has Not let us down. This New X6.3 was the third X-class solar flare for the day of the 22nd. But this was the strongest solar flare of this current Solar Cycle. Meaning, Everything has been amped up, as we have stated.

There are those who make claims that Solar flares are not affecting your Ascension Process, This is false information. Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy. Flares and solar eruptions can impact radio communications, electric power grids, and navigation signals. So, of Course, they affect you as well. They Are Energy Bursts. You feel them Physically, and they affect your Vibration and awaken your Consciousness. The bigger the Flare is, the More Impact it has on your Consciousness. Your Science has your Solar flares rated in five categories: A, B, C, M, and X. A C-class flare is ten times more powerful than a B-class event, and an M-class event is ten times more powerful than a C-class event. And an X Class Flare is the Same, 10 Times more powerful than an M Class Event.

Flares are also scored with a numerical value to indicate the magnitude of the event. X-class flares are therefore very significant in the Ascension Process, Raising the Earth and Humanity in Vibration. And this last one was a very big one. But you must understand that it is not something to fear. The Flares are not causing harm to Humanity or anything Natural, or the Earth herself. It does affect technology, things that use energy or use and electrical type of power source. It also affects your Wifi and radio signals.

In Understanding the Ascension Process, you become aware that you are connected to all outside Vibration. Especially Through Nature. We Refer to Your Sun as your Solar Logos, This Means it is of Divine Nature. Your Sun is connected to all other Suns within this Universe. Most importantly, it is Connected to the Grand central sun of this Universe. Many of you may wonder how this could be. We ask you to think of your Internet. And How you can connect with anyone in your world. This is the Same for all solar Logos. All Nature is connected through The Divines Purpose in this manner. It is the Energy Field That connects everything. The Oneness of the All.

Other Large Cosmic events, besides Solar Flashes, can also push galactic Beings into Ascension, Such as Stars going nova, eclipses, Astrological Alignments or even planetary collisions within your sector of space. All causes a mass amount of energy, and when these events occur, it causes boosts in conscious awareness. All is in Divine Order.

The Earth has stayed stable within Lower vibrations for the last several days. Not showing any stress or bursts at this moment.

The ascension is well on its way, and as it moves forward, more of Humanity is beginning to wake up to the Illusions of their reality. As the Energies intensify, The matrix is crumbling, And Humanity is being Zapped awake. You will begin to witness even more Uprisings, as Humanity finally opens their eyes to truth. And the More Solar events, Cosmic frequencies from your Star Families, Other cosmic Events, and Earth's Rising in Vibration, The Closer you are to the grand event, and to residing within a 5th Dimensional Existence.

We Love you and Honor You

We are the Galactic Federation

This has been the Ascension event update for February 23, 2024

Channeled and researched by Chellea Wilder at


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