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*Event Update* The Earth is REACTING 11/14/23 ~ The Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation Event Update for 11/14/23

Greetings, We are the Galactic Federation. We are connecting with this channel, at this time, to open up communication to allow for regular updates on your Earth worldly Events and the Ascension of the Earth and of Humanity. We have become aware that many of The Channeled Messages are being exploited by charging money, for the information we offer, or sharing old content that no longer is relevant in these times. Even some are trying to copyright our name, so others can not use it. This was never intended, and is against our intentions. We have asked this channel to receive our messages, due to This, and for the call for more information. Our Intention is to give regular updates, to help with your transition into a 5D society.

Many things are happening all over your Planet. We are monitoring Everything that affects the Earth and Humanity. This includes The Earths Movements, The Dark Ones Movements and all the fighting. We are also witnessing the world leaders, who are actively, pushing the violence against the civilians. These attacks on humanity have not gone unnoticed. Those who project this violence will be held accountable for their actions. There are concerns that there may be more attacks happening in other areas on the planet.

So please be advised. These attacks will occur due to the dark ones pushing for a world war. We the Galactic Federation are monitoring all the escalations, and will not allow for any nuclear or mass attacks against Humanity. However, The interventions are limited due to freewill.

The Earth herself is reacting to a lot of this upheaval. Yes, there is some manipulation with weather and quakes done by Those who wish to keep control, but most of the Natural disasters are coming from the Earth Herself. She is shifting into her new form. This has happened before in your past timelines, where The Earth had Islands and land masses in different places than they are now. As she shifts and moves, Some of your land will become water and where there is water there will be new Land. Many of you have wondered how there are structures under your oceans. This is how that has happened.

The land under your oceans will rise, as some of the land above water will sink. Many believe that it only happens due to pole shifts. But There does not have to be a pole shift for the Earth to make her transformation. Her transformation depends on her vibrations. She will release anything negative from within and on her surface. She is moving very quickly towards the Higher dimensions. Yes the magnetic Poles of the Earth may shift, but a full Earth Flip is not happening as we see it.

The Transformation of the Earth isn't something new. It happens about every 300,000 years in your earth time. The Earth wakes up and begins a new cycle. But this time it is different, Earth has never had this many people on her surface during the transformation. And she has never moved all the way into the 5th density. She has always stayed at the 4th density and below. This is why the intervention is taking place. The Earth wishes to move into the higher densities for good. She wishes to return to her higherself. She has been a slave of the dark ones for many thousands of your earth Years, and through many cycles. Once she ascends into the 5th density, she will no longer return through cycles into the darkness.

This information has been kept secret from the masses. and This is information that your Controllers Know about, but refuse to tell the people.

As your Mother Earth continues to shift and move, your geographical layout of the Planet will change.

This channel is wondering how Long this will take. There is no time frame, it can take many years for her to settle, or it could happen very quickly. Depending on how humanity is reacting.

If Humans are not excepting the Vibration of Love and begin focusing on oneness and Unity, instead of War, it could happen very fast. The Earth reacts to Human emotions. So if you have many humans in one area that is focused on lower Vibrations than The Earth will respond in trying to remove those vibrations. Your Earth is unique, in that she is a Living Soul. Most Planets in this sector have died, or have been destroyed by Dark Forces or the Planet's inhabitants, doing the Same as Humans and Fighting wars. Because of this, our goal has always been to protect the Earth, no matter What Humanity decides to do as a collective. Even though many planets have died, they can be re terraformed to allow for inhabitants. But the planet itself is just a shell at that point. Your Earth is very alive!!! and she is shaking off what is no longer serving her. Just as Many of you are clearing the old, so is your Mother Earth.

Your Earth feels every emotion that each one of you emit. So when she feels a mass negative vibration in one area or another, she will reject those vibrations. She is actively making her ascension, so all negative vibrations will need to be removed.

We have stated before through many channels, We can help Guide Humanity into a Higher way of being, but we can not do it for you. You must wake up on your own. Humanity must learn to accept one another in Oneness and unity. To move forward in your Ascension as a collective, you must reject the wars and violence towards one another. You must, individually, make the choice for yourself to turn to peace. Your Mother Earth is calling her children home, to be one family, One Love.

We witness you in Love,

We are The Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension event Update,for 11 14 2023

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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