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**EVENT UPDATE** Erratic Frequencies Within The Earths Core ~ The Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation, Ascension Event Update, for December 2 2023

Greetings, Our Dear Family of Light,

We are very pleased to be communicating with you today.

Throughout your Earth, you are receiving an intense amount of Light coming in at all directions. These are causing erratic frequencies within the Earths core. Causing her to be vibrationally unstable the last few of your Earth Days.

Many of you were able to witness what you refer to as the Aurora Borealis in your Northern Hemisphere over North America, reaching all the way to the middle of the United States. This massive light show is a result of a Geomagnetic Storm classed at a G3, from a massive M9 to X class solar flare Directed toward Earth, that took place a few of your Earth days ago.

The Earth's Schumann Resonance within the Last few of your earth Days, became erratic, dropping below a 2, and then spiking to 38hz on the 30Th... and then it jumped to 18hz on the 1st of your Earth Calendar Month. The Frequencies of The Earth now are stable within an 11 to 13 Schumann Resonance frequency, keeping her steady within a 4th dimensional vibration.

Within the Last 24 Hours, your Logos has flared 2 M class and 8 c class Solar Flares, sending more and More Beautiful frequencies your way.

The Cosmic Rays are increasing With all of your Star Families participating. The Goddess Ray as your Science has named them. Will continue to be sent in bursts.

These rays are coming from the 7 Light Beings of the Infinite, and are of 6th dimensional Frequencies, and are extreme for you at this level in your vibration. However Throughout the Last bursts, We are pleased to witness, that You and the Earth are receiving these Energies with Ease and grace, allowing for your transformation, to be an easier journey. Staying within the Higher vibrations of Love, Peace, Gratitude and Forgiveness, will allow for you and the Earth to stabilize within these higher frequencies.

Keeping yourself hydrated, will also help with this transformation. Drinking lots of Clean, Pure Water, helps to clean and clear your system of toxins and unwanted waste. Allowing for your body to feel lighter and more excepting of these vibrations. Water is alive, it absorbs any frequency you wish to give it. So if you send the vibration of Love into your water you are drinking, you are filling yourself with The same vibration you placed into the Water. So if you are focused in the Light and sending pure Love, That is what you receive when ingesting it. In return, your body begins to feel this beautiful Love, and it begins Cleansing you of all Lower vibrations.

We Look forward to communing with you face to face soon, as your Vibrations rise to meet ours it will make visiting you a much easier process for us your Star Families. By raising your self up you are meeting us in vibrations.

We range from 5th to 12th density. but, Many of our team is at 5th degree density, so when you vibrate at that frequency, you make contact easier for us. We are thrilled at this revelation of your Planet. Disclosure of our presence has opened many up to The Love from the Infinite Creator. Understanding you are not alone in the Universe, is a big step for any world civilization.

Earths People are taking the news of our Presence very well, This is because of all of your Work that you have all done, to ready Humanity for this process. You are Our Ground Crew.

We are your brothers and sisters in spirit. We love you and Honor you in your Journey.

We are the Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for 12 2 2023.

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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