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** EVENT UPDATE ** 2/6/24 ~ EVERYTHING HAS ESCALATED ~ The Galactic Federation

The Ascension Event Update, for February 6th 2024.

Greetings Dear Family of Light,

In these Moments, you are experiencing a massive Influx of Light. Since our Last Update, Everything has escalated. Many of you have witnessed, all the uprisings happening everywhere.

This is happening due to the Massive amount of Light the Earth and Humanity is receiving in the Moments. This Burst of Activity, is lifting all into the Light. Mother Earth has not only moved up an Octave but, has now increased her song. As she amps up the frequencies, It is putting everything in fast Mode, accelerating the ascension process, for her and Humanity.

For the Last week of your Time Space, she has shown extreme activity, boosting her energies into the 5th, 6th, and even hitting 7th vibrational Frequencies. Which is not only speeding up her ascension, but also pushing Humanities Awakening at a Much Faster Pace.

The fluctuation of energies began On the 1st day of your Calendar month of February. The Schumann Resonance at first did Not show much happening until 11:00 am UTC, when frequencies began to oscillate more strongly, Rising to Power 15 hertz at 12:30 pm. Then Increase to Power 17 hertz at 1:30pm and reached a maximum of Power 18 hertz at 3:00pm UTC. She Then Raised quickly to Power 21 hertz at 3:30pm UTC.

However, on Day 2 of your Calendar Month of February, Your Mother Earth really Amped Up her Frequency, raising it into a 7th Dimensional Vibration. Within the Early of the Day The Amplitude Spiked to a Power 84 hertz at 4:30am UTC. This lasted for most of the day, then Dropped to Power 18 Hertz just before 3:00pm UTC.

On the 3rd of February, The frequency oscillations had continued almost uninterrupted for 2 consecutive days. Fluctuating between Power 14 hertz around 6:30am and Power 12hertz at 1:30pm UTC.

The instability phase continued into the 4th of February. It continued and intensified from 11:00 am UTC, and started a gradual ascent that led to some significant peaks. the first significant value was Power 23 hertz at 12:30 pm followed by Power 26 hertz at 2:00 pm and finally a Power 32 hertz at 4:00pm UTC.

At that Time your Mother Earth was within very High 4th and entering 5th degree vibrations. Then on The 5th of February, The Amplitude was at 17 hertz. at 2 am UTC. At the Time of this Update, the Earth was still oscillating, at around 17 hertz., Keeping her well within 4th level vibrations.

The Earth is pushing much of these energies towards her surface, Which has also caused several smaller Earthquakes all over the Earth. There has been over 182 Earthquakes above a 2 magnitude in the last 72 hours. With the Hardest ones being, a Magnitude 5.1 earthquake in Prague, Oklahoma, a 5.1 magnitude in Neiafu Tonga, a 5.2 in Sola Vanuatu. a 5.0 magnitude in Abepura Indonesia, and a 5.5 magnitude in La Libertad, El Salvador.

Then to top things off, within the Last 48 hours your Solar Logos has erupted, 10 large M class Flares, also adding to the intensity and the escalation in Vibration. As of this Moment, the frequency Rays hitting the Earth is Maxed at 40 hertz. which is 5th dimensional Vibrations, encircling the planet. This is a bombardment of Energies Humanity is receiving at these moments.

These extreme Frequency Waves, coming from the Earth Core, your Solar Logos, The Cosmic Frequencies from your Star Families, and The Photon belt, are elevating Humanity. Raising them into a Mass awakening.

This is what you are witnessing across the Planet. The Earth has been in Preparation, and is now helping to Prepare Humanity for the Grand Shift. How Long this preparation takes will depend on Humanity.

This Grand Shift, which happens through a Galactic Event, In your perspective a Solar Flash, or Other Large Wave of Light, which could also come from the Galactic Core. This will only happen by Divine Will, Divine Timing. Meaning, No one knows when it will occur. Yes, there are those anticipating and Predicting within your Year of 2024, and even some predicting within the Next few months. However, as stated before, This event will happen, when the Divine makes it so.

If The Divine feels that too many humans would not make the Jump, it could be held, until more Humans awaken. These are just truths. We do see that Humanity has reached that threshold, Nevertheless, The Big event, or Grand shift, is still an Event that you would consider as Natural. And We have no control of it. We do, however, wish to add, that From the signs we are receiving, we feel it will be much sooner than later.

Those who have been sleeping are now beginning to open their eyes. In these moments, their focus is their Freedoms. This is crumbling the Matrix at a much faster pace, which is causing the Dark ones to panic. They are scrambling, trying to hold on to their Control. But it is Over for them. The Force of Light is Here.

Continue being the Light and Love that you are. You will be the Ones that will shine the Light for those just opening their eyes.

We Love you, and Honor you,

We are the Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for February 6th 2024.

Researched and Channeled by Chellea Wilder at


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