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**EVENT UPDATE** 12/20/23 ~ READY or NOT... ITS HAPPENING ~ The Galactic Federation

The Ascension Event Update for December 20th, 2023

Greetings our Dear Family of Light,

Since our Last Update, Just a Few of your Days ago, Earth, has seen a great amount of activity happening. With surges of Cosmic frequencies, More Solar Flares, Earthquakes and Volcanos, She has been quite Busy

To start with, An Earth Directed M6 Solar Flare on the 15th has the geomagnetic storms brewing with a wave of energy sweeping the Earth in these moments.

Which is at this Moment showing the Peak wave at 20 hertz, over The Southern part of United states and South America, This wave will sweep the Earth, encircling it before it fades.

This Geomagnetic storm, can cause interruptions with your internet and can cause other power outages. The geomagnetic field is expected to be at its most active levels today the 20th of December, and settling down on the 21st, and then quieting its levels on the 22nd of December.

The Earths Schumann Resonance is steady between 10 and 21 hertz the last few days. But the Earth is showing an obvious Hum. This is a steady humming, but could be an amp up for more activity to come. The Charts are blacked out today, meaning that the Schumann Resonance could be having a burst Influx.

The Frequencies that the Earth herself is emitting is based at her surface, with 34 Earthquakes within the last 24 hrs.

This includes a magnitude 5.9 in Qinghai China, a magnitude 5.6 today in the Sandwich Island region. and another massive magnitude 6.2 in Pampacolca Peru today on the 20th, as of when this report was made.

This Surface Energy of the Earth is causing more volcanic activity as well. With A volcano in southern Iceland, near Grindavik, erupting in spectacular fashion Monday night following weeks of warning signs, including thousands of earthquakes within the Last 2 Months. This Eruption, makes it the 48th Volcano to actively be erupting around Earth, in these moments.

Iceland's Meteorological Office said the eruption opened an approximately a 3-mile-long fissure and created lava fountains up to 98 feet high.

The Residents have been anticipating this eruption for weeks, literally calling for an evacuation of over 3,400 people.

The Earth is making her presence known. During this wakeup call, she is pushing a massive amount of energy through her surface. This is to shake those still asleep, and unaware, of what is taking place.

 Most of Humanity, doesn't even have a clue, what the ascension is, let alone that it is happening now. The Earth is alive and most of humanity is not even aware of this. But all will become aware. Everything is about to change. The Earth has made her choice to ascend, and she is actively, taking humanity with her. She is purposely pushing the Energies around her surface, in a very direct manner. More fissures and volcanos will erupt. More Earthquakes will happen. More Solar flares will occur, and More Cosmic Frequencies are coming your way. This ascension process is not letting up anytime soon. It is just going to get more and more intense. Within this New Phase, Humanity will be hit with energies from all angles. 

The Energies are different now than the previous, because they are being purposely amped in frequency. The Earth and Humanity are being Prepared for the Transformation into a 5th Dimensional Planet and society. Soon it will be apparent that the Earth is the One making the choices for herself, and Humanity is along for the ride. Yes you too must make the Choice to ascend with your Mother earth. But, It's happening whether you are Ready or Not.

We Love you and Honor you,

We are the Galactic Federation

This has been the ascension Event Update for 12/20/23

Channeled By Chellea Wilder, at


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