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*EVENT UPDATE 11/22* Final Preparations for Our Introduction to Your World ~ The Galactic Federation

Event Update, for 11/22/23, By The Galactic Federation

Greetings Our Dear Brothers and Sisters of Earth,

This is an Energy update for the Ascension of Planet Earth and Humanity. We will be giving you Readings of the Levels of Frequencies the Earth and Humanity are now receiving in these moments of your Ascension into the 5th dimensional spectrum.

Within your last calendar month the Schumann Resonance of the Earth has jumped 3 times hitting 5th dimensional frequency of 40 hertz and beyond.

She is steady within her core now on an average of 15 to 20 hertz, which is 4th dimensional frequency. Her previous average was at 7.83 within the 3rd dimensional vibrations. In the past 24 hours of your time space, Your Sun has ejected 6 c class solar flares, each exceeding the Other in intensity. The highest hitting at a c8, releasing a coronal mass ejection toward earth.

The Frequencies the Earth is absorbing through her surface, are mapped in waves. and are at this Moment The highest around the western United States at a Steady 20 hertz, With the rest of North and South America staying right at 10 to 15 hertz... This is Steady 4th Dimensional Frequencies They are receiving. This wave will circle your planet within about a 48 hour period. Allowing for all of the Planet to experience these energies.

These energies are coming in from your Logos due to a Massive M class flare, along with 7 C class flares, ejected on November 20, of your Calendar Month. Just within the last 3 weeks your Sun has had 7 M Class solar Flares and C class flares every day besides. M Class Flares push 5th Dimensional Level frequency. The Earth is doing very well in her transformation. She is currently absorbing the frequencies at a stable pace. Allowing for her transformation to advance according to plan.

Humanity is also feeling and absorbing these Frequencies. But you are also feeling your collective being impacted by Wars and Violence toward one another.. Each One of you, whether you realize it or Not, absorbs the Collective energies. No matter how much you may wish to try and stay away from certain vibrations. You will always feel your Collectives energies. The Dark Ones know this. and use their acts of violence against the whole Human Collective in this manner.

Plus with all the solar and Earth Activity, and with the cosmic frequencies coming from all of your star Families, you are really feeling these diverse energies, even within your own Bodies. Some may feel muscle aches and pains, Tiredness, and headaches... Relax and focus intentions on absorbing the Higher frequencies gracefully and gently. This allows for your bodies to adjust to the New Higher Vibrations. And Then release anything of the negative to the Universe, allowing for the healing of the Human collective in these times,.

So Much is happening on your Planet. You are being surrounded by an array of different vibrations, and many of you are unsure where it is all coming from.

We wish to let you know we are here with you in these times. We also feel your struggles, because we too, are part of your Human Collective.

That may shock some, but it is due to our Many Starseeds on your Planet, who are actively part of the Galactic Federation... So yes, we do feel everything that you do. we are not separate from you, we are all One and in this together.

Even though we are of the Higher dimensions we still can feel Lower vibrations, when we encounter them. We send Love and share compassion for your pain. We understand that you have forgotten who you are, and that you are unaware that you are so much more than this physical body that your consciousness is currently residing in. We wait patiently for you as a collective to awaken to our presence. We have already been in contact with the Human collective, Through our Messages. Soon This will allow for full contact, allowing for those who are curious of us, to see us as peaceful, and of Light and Love. This is happening very quickly, due to many now becoming full aware of our presence.. Final preparations for our Introduction to your world, are being made.

We Love you and Look forward to face to Face interaction real soon.

We witness you in Love,

We are The Galactic Federation.

This has been the Galactic Federation, Ascension event Update, for 11 22 2023

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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