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**EVENT UPDATE** 1/23/24 ~ Signs Are Pointing to The BIG EVENT ~ The Galactic Federation

SORRY SORRY SORRY ALL I put 2023 instead of 2024 in the writing . So the channeling is saying 2023 but it really is todays date.

The Ascension Event Update for January 23rd, 2024.

Greetings Our Dear Family of Light,

We speak to you in these moments to bring you wonderful News. The Light is intensifying greatly, and very quickly within your Solar system, and especially around and within the Earth. Many of your Galactic Star Families, are in great anticipation of the Grand event. Signs are pointing to this phenomenon due to a Massive increase in your Solar Activity. Even your Scientists are on edge.

Over the Past 2 of your Earth Days your Solar Logos, has had a blast of activity, with 2 colossal Coronal Mass ejections, that are now headed towards the Earth. They are arriving at the Earth today in your timespace and will continue until the 25th.

These Blasts Came from the snapping of Giant Magnetic Filaments, which created a canyon of Fire across Your Sun's surface. Soon after started a Series of 9 Large M class Flares, within the Last 48 hours of your Earth time, Adding to the Extreme Energy influx, the Last few of your Earth Days.

The Earth also received a Kp4 level Geomagnetic storm. and it is said to intensify reaching a Kp5 or higher within the next 48 hours. Additionally, The SolarWinds that are Sweeping the Planet are expected to Increase their Intensity, raising alerts for potential Strong Seismic Activity, and Global tectonic Shifts.

There has been 66 Earth Quakes above a level 2 magnitude, in the last 24 of your Earth hours. These included a 5.8 in Kyzyl-Suu Kyrgyztan, 6.3 magnitude in Port vila Vanuatu, Plus 17 Large earth quakes in Aykol China, most above a 5 magnitude and One reaching a massive 7.0 magnitude.

As of the Moment, the Earth's Schumann Resonance, has stayed Stable within the 4th degree vibration for the last several of your Earth Days since our Last Update. She is steady between 9 and 22 hertz for the Last week of your timespace. We do expect these readings to change, do to all the solar activity, so please be advised of any Increase in the Earth's activity.

You are also receiving directed Cosmic Energies from your Star families, which has also been increased. and is being pushed into the Earth Core. These Energies come directly from the Galactic Core of the Universe.

Earth and Humanity are being Engulfed in the Love Light of our Infinite Creator. Understand that any time you receive higher frequencies, you must adapt to those new vibrations. This can cause what you have come to know as Ascension symptoms. These can include Fatigue, Tiredness and even flu like symptoms.

However, with many of you who are prepared for these frequencies, it may give you a boost of energy, and even moments of serenity and peace. Keeping yourself hydrated and grounded, will help during this energy influx.

Your Galactic Families are getting prepared for the grand event. The Moment when the Infinite Creator sends out the final call. No one knows when this will take place. but, all the signs are pointing to very soon. Throughout many millennia, The Galactic Federation has helped many Planets to ascend. This is how we know the signs leading up to the Big event. That Moment is very Close. We witness Your Solar Logos, preparing, and readying for the moment of the grand solar flash release.

When it does happen, it will push the Earth and Humanity into the fifth dimension, instantly.

We anticipate The Earths and Humanities arrival into 5th dimension.

We are so excited to be a part of your Journey into the higher divine Light. Soon you will all meet face to face with Your Galactic Star Families.

We Love you and we Honor you,

We are the Galactic Federation.

This has been the ascension Event update for January 23rd, 2024.

Researched and Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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