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End Time Madness, The Days to Come / James Gilliland + Truth About the"Black Snake Prophecy"

End Time Madness, The Days to Come

It’s been a while since the last newsletter. At the sake of those who wish to live in denial and bury their heads in the sand we are going to express a little tough love. It is undeniable now that we have just experienced a cyber and biological attack on America and the world. The extreme now proven election fraud, draconian measures to shut down America and the world due to covid 19 which is now proven to be a bio weapon created in a lab in Wuhan China has all been part of a master plan. This plan was implemented and made public by the Cabal or global elite which were joined by the CCP, Communist Chinese Party in an all-out global assault on humanity. It is all about population control, collapsing the world economy and drive the world into serfdom with a few narcistic billionaire eugenicists running the show. To do so they need to implement a socialistic or communist regime. The virus was the trojan horse the “vaccination”, or what is appropriately called experimental gene therapy as well as injecting and operating system that can be controlled by outside frequencise not approved by the FDA will be the real agent in carrying out the population reduction agenda. The real numbers are coming in concerning side effects, aborted children, sterilization, paralyzation, injuries, and death which most researchers, doctors and scientists are now saying will increase exponentially. Research shedding and protein spikes. The masks are also an enforced compliance experiment. Stanford research has proven they do little or nothing to stop a virus. According to Dr. Fauci during the Spanish flu most died of secondary pneumonia created from wearing the mask. According to research the masks also contribute to other bacterial infections, compromise the immune system and create trauma to the brain and other organs due to oxygen deprivation, this includes psychological disorders. The evidence is undeniable, time will prove what is being said. “There are no variants from India according to the Indian government or anywhere this is smoke and mirrors to promote the jab, the jab will take its predetermined toll.”

There have been years of preparation, foreign governments, corrupt politicians, mainstream and social media, even many within our own government agencies have participated for various reasons. Whether bribes, blackmail or lack of moral character, actions have been taken that created pain, suffering, and the death of many Americans. These are treasonous acts in direct conflict with our Constitution and universal law. In most cases it is all about power, control and profit at any expense. The questions that are finally being asked is where did the cyberattacks and the bioweapons originate, who funded them and profited. Is it any wonder why they won’t address the elephant in the room, the question, “Do you have any financial interest or have you profited from the epidemic?” Here is another question, who is funding the election fraud, the division in America destroying the family unit, creating violent division between races, religions and genders? There is even a darker agenda most cannot comprehend which goes into Satanic/Luciferian agendas and rituals including child sacrifice to unseen negative influences to gain power, money or fame replete throughout Government, Religious and Business institutions. Child, drug and sex trafficking also play a role.

This includes the mainstream, social media, music and film industry and now some of the alternative media, the spiritual and UFO community. Many turn a blind eye to what they know is morally corrupt due to gain, either fame or financially. Why else would they sponsor known pedophiles, claim them to be their BFFs, name drop known Satanic/Luciferians to further their own careers or financial status? Look at the headliners at these Spiritual, UFO and Environmental conferences. Do your research. Most are tied to or sponsored by the global elite. Some openly brag about it.

The controllers do not want you to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit, experience your multidimensional self or have knowledge of the multidimensional world in which you live. They wish to continue in a controlled narrative concerning spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors some of which are our ancient ancestors. The game is, keep everything external, in the past, control the narrative through planned opposition, shills, recycled ignorance, disinformation, and disempower the individual. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing claiming we will protect you take care of you, your special, you’re a victim and we are here to help all the while feeding off your energies and planning your enslavement and eventual demise. This includes the environmental agendas which have nothing to do with the environment they destroyed or polluted and everything to do with extracting the wealth from the people and extorting businesses. Need proof? Did you know CO2 is less than 4% of our atmosphere and out of that 97% is natural? Humans create less than 3% of the 4%. The oceans rose less than a millimeter in the Northern hemisphere and zero at the equator. All legitimate scientists will tell you climate is driven by the Sun and its cycles, humans have little or no impact. All the planets in our solar system are undergoing climate change. Islands are not disappearing, in fact new ones are appearing. The gas, meat, coming food shortages are all engineered by the global elite. Why do you think the global elite are buying up the farmlands, china included, investing in fake meat? Shutting down the gas pipeline was not due to a hack by the Russians. In fact the Russians have tossed out the global elite why do you think they are being demonized? The hack was in the financial computers of the business. This is all theater creating fear preying on your emotions to extort money and control over the world’s resources. Where do you think the carbon credits go? To the global elite. We can no longer ignore the obvious unfolding before our very eyes.

There is a war between Good and Evil and due to morally challenged people who lack impeccable integrity Evil has infiltrated almost every position of power, the governing and guiding forces of todays civilization.

This is not conspiracy theory it is conspiracy proven or fact. There are still those with a vested interest, socially engineered, critically thinking and research impaired that will continue on this path denying it eventually will lead to their own loss of freedom, theirs and their families, ill health and eventual demise. We have to come to terms with the fact with many this social engineering spell cannot be broken, they cannot be educated or saved and will have to take the downward spiral by their own choosing. We can however inspire of the upward spiral as examples living a loving, joyous, abundant life in harmony with each other and nature. The governing and guiding forces need to be cleaned up and infiltrated with those dedicated to the awakening, healing and restoration of humanity and the Earth. A process well underway.

This is depicted in the Hopi Prophecies, the Rainbow Warriors, and other indigenous people’s prophecies of the end times. The Lakota Prophesies speak of a Beast. The beast is 2000 miles wide. This represents the duration. The beast is all consuming, wants to control and dominate everything. Eventually the beast consumes itself after which comes the thousand years of peace, reunification with the Star Nations and the planet is healed and restored. We are acting out the same play that caused the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu. The fallen Atlantians worshiped the intellect, science and used that science to surveil, control, and dominate anyone who challenged their assumed authority. The became self-serving narcistic tyrants. Power without a strong moral compass and impeccable integrity corrupts. The Lemurians worshiped the unseen God, the Creator in all Creation and operated under universal law best understood as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. They were dedicated to help those less fortunate rise to their greatest potential. Unlike the façade and empty words of the majority of todays leaders which say one thing, and do another. Notice how they do not abide by their own laws, rules and regulations?

Those left will be the ones who chose to live a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature. We cannot deny the fact that the electromagnetic light spectrum in changing, the light is increasing. The sun is sending out unprecedented flares and CMEs reacting to the changes within the Galactic Core or Central Sun. The Shuman Resonance has been spiking off the scale. There has been an increase in severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity. Society is going through a major transformation, people are leaving the cities which in many cases have become corrupt beyond redemption. The fall in consciousness and energy draws the natural disasters designed to clean up and restore the land. Understand the process. Know the goals of the cabal and the global elite, “The Beast”, which create divisions between families, cultures, religions and gender to divide and conquer. Know who the white hats are, those who stand for freedom, the constitution and Bill of Rights which exemplify universal law. During the Quickening or the Great Awakening your future will determine which side of the fence you are standing. It’s never to late to wake up, forgive yourself and others and get on the right side of the fence. The polarities are being amplified, the distance between the upward spiral and the downward spiral is increasing. Nothing will remain hidden, karma will be accelerated. It is all part of the awakening, healing and planetary liberation of Humanity and the Earth. We get to choose our destiny, the path we are going to take during this process. I would however choose wisely. One path leads to social, economic, and environmental collapse, the other a loving, joyous, abundant life in harmony with each other and nature. Soon there will be no gray areas.

James Gilliland

Pass this far and wide


I am sharing this newsletter from James Gilliand due to most of the intel being truth and very important in these times... However, The information he gives on the Lakota Prophecy is NOT TRUTH. He is completely wrong on his analogy of how the Lakota and Other Tribes look at the "Black Snake" prophecy... Please Read farther.

We personally have been involved with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe along with other Lakota Tribes from North Dakota, who have been fighting the DAPL or the Dakota Access PipeLine and Other Pipelines (FOR YEARS NOW).

This is Just One Incident of many in this country..... The Tribes are trying to stop the Big Oil companies from coming through their lands and water ways ("Water is Life" is their Fight). They have done this with the Support of Native Tribes from around the world.

One of the first things Pres. Trump did when he got in office back in 2016 was to let DAPL and other oil companies go ahead with their pipelines, (sadly destroying one of the ancient Native burial grounds in north Dakota in the process)

.... BUT the Sioux Tribe went to court and did get the pipelines stopped in North Dakota for now. The Tribes believe "the Prophecy" is about a 2000 mile "long" BLACK SNAKE (or Beast) that they believe today as the Oil pipelines running through our country. The Lakota and many other Native Tribes have fought very hard to keep the BIG OIL COMPANIES off of their lands and water ways.

This is the real prophecy taking place in real time. Also this was and is still being kept away from ALL media outlets, to push either the BIG CORP or the BIG TECH agendas, and to take more away from the Native Americans or other peoples less fortunate. The government of the United States has pushed the natives of this country in a corner, literally disrespecting and taking every bit of land and Water they can from these people, and they have done this for over 200 years.

AMERICANS NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT ALL GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPTED, AND NO POLITICIAN IS GOING TO SAVE YOU... BIG CORP(Republican) and BIG TECH(Democrat) are just different sides of the same coin. It's Time to Wake-Up to the Real hidden Agenda behind it all.~ Universal Lighthouse



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