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Don't Miss Out! DNA Reconnection to The UNIVERSAL LIFELINE ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator.

The moment has come to prepare for the shift in the collective awareness to begin. with this shift no one is left out, everyone will feel it whether they are of the Light or falling deeper into the Darkness. Everyone will experience the 6th degree frequencies of the Infinite coming in from the 7 of the One, who are now positioning themselves around the Planet. As many of you have become aware, there is a big split in the collective as of this moment in your timespace. This split is due to the many falling for traps that the dark ones have instilled into your reality.

This intense frequency from the 6th degree will either jump them out of the Illusion, or they will close themselves up to receiving it all together. This will cause a chaos to erupt within their physical bodies and within their minds. The harder they fight the Light, the Harder it will be for them.

All who are on Planet Earth, must make the choice of their own vibrations at this Moment in your time space. It is very much, as many of you have witness with, what happens to sand or water when vibrations are added. it can either make a beautiful design or it can distort it into chaos. This happens within your body and your Mind. If You choose to have a beautiful design, you are excepting of the frequencies.

No one will escape what is about to take place. The Higher Light the Earth is Now receiving is about to change everything in your awareness, This will include a reconnection of your DNA within the Universal consciousness.

The awareness of our presence has caused a massive curiosity. The Big Question has finally been answered. Humans now know, they are no longer alone in this Universe. From these new revelations, Humans will now be able to begin to understand their true origins.

With the Knowledge of our existence, many things that humans have been told, such as their religious teachings, will begin to be seen as lies, to control the masses from ever knowing their truth.

Humans are just one of the Infinite Creators many expressions. However, the Human races DNA, was manipulated with bad intentions. The Dark Ones never intended to allow for your ascension, and had planned to keep you eternally enslaved.

As your DNA is reconnected by the Vibrations of the Infinite Light surrounding you, you will begin to consciously become aware of your innate gifts and abilities, you will become aware that you are receiving signals and frequencies, that are forms of communication from everyone and everything around you, including your Pets and plants and trees. You are receiving the vibrations of others emotions and feelings. You may even receive images, or pictures in your mind. This is how the Universe communicates. You are being reconnected to this Lifeline. This is naturally connected in your animals, you can see it in your bird and fish migration. They can read the magnetics of the Planet, and her movement.

This reconnection is your connection to the Universe, and is the natural way all communicate from world to world.

Language as words is usually only used amongst those of your own race, and even then Telepathy is the preferred form of communication, amongst all races, animal species, plant and trees. Even your elements are Lifeforms, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Aether, and they emit frequencies and signals that can be understood as communication.

The Universal Lifeline, as this channel understands it, is your direct connection to Source itself, as all things.

All beings, are naturally connected with this connection to Source except Humans. Humans have been intentionally disconnected from their Truth. From the Beginning of Humans on Earth, you have been held back from your true Nature. Anything that connected Humans to this nature, or natural part of themselves, was removed or become evil, through the eyes of the religions.

Nevertheless, this is a natural connection and your reconnection will be Magical. Humans are powerful beings of Light and the More you connect to this Light the More Powerful you will become. This is why there are those who did not want you to achieve your ascension. You will be more powerful than your captors. They held the keys to immortality. We are giving those Keys to You. it begins with your Reconnection to Source,

To our Beautiful Starseeds and wanderers, absorb and hold the Light that The 7 of the One is now projecting all around the Earth. Your DNA will reconnect first, being already instilled with your Starseed and Wanderers essence.

You are the beacons showing all those who wish, the Way Home.

All of Creation is in Celebration. We await all of you in Joyous reunion. You are the Masters Returning Home. We love you and Honor you. In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator. We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

Channeled By Chellea, At


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