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DON'T GIVE UP NOW ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

There is an anticipation rising amongst your Star Families, An excitement, a Celebration of Reunion. This is occurring due to the recent disclosures that are now presenting themselves into your reality. Many more Humans are now awakening to the extraterrestrial presence, and also beginning to understand their Interdimensional existence. Which is bringing awareness to our Presence within the Higher dimensions. The new revelations of our existence, is opening Humans up to many questions and concerns. Opening the Door for conversation and exploration into an Unknown part of your reality. Opening the Doors for advancement in your Medical fields and technology that benefits all of Humanity,

 Opening the Door for Full Contact with other Higher 4th and 5th dimensional beings. Opening the Door for full communication into the Higher Realms, with Higher dimensional beings, And Opening the Door for the awareness of the spiritual aspect of it All.

This will bring the Human collective awareness, To the understanding that you and your Planet are Rising in the Light. Rising in Vibration, and rising into another Dimension, or spectrum of Light Vibration.

This is a sign for many of us that your time of waiting is now complete. Things will begin to speed up within this transformation. This new information will give humans the leverage they need to break free from the Dark Rulers. The Dark Cabal of your planet, continue to push their Lies, hoping that you will just give up. They know now that they can't stop your ascension, But they are hoping that you will just stop trying, stop caring, and Stop Loving each other. They continue to try and separate you in any way they can. They know that if they can stop you from understanding and embodying the Oneness of the Infinite, they have you enslaved. What do we mean by embodying Oneness?

It is one thing to understand your oneness or your connection to God, to the Infinite Creator. Many of you have a concept of what you believe God to be. So you connect to that. But, it is another thing to understand your Connection with all Things, and Live a Life of total awareness of this concept.

Once you understand the concept of Oneness, which is understanding that you are connected to all things, you are part of the Universal Consciousness of The Creator. You will begin to embody the knowing that you and your neighbor are not just One, but are the Same spirit in a different body. We all hold the spirit of the Infinite and when in understanding of this, We can not harm another, Because by harming another we only harm ourselves. Living in and embodying this concept, is a change in your perspective of your reality, it raises you to a higher understanding, and raises you in Light.

Many Doors are Opening for Humanity, All of these doors lead to deeper understanding of your truth.

Are you going to Close all of the doors, and give up now?

So Much is happening Now, and Happening very quickly in our perspective. Even in your human perspective, your Lives has changed drastically. We ask you to look back and witness yourself, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, how about a year ago? Has your consciousness Changed? Has your awareness Changed, What do you know now that you didn't know then?

What about your World, 10 years ago Extraterrestrials were a Myth, Now they are a known fact of your Reality. Everything you have ever known, has proven to have been all lies. The comparison of the Humans who were awake then to now, is remarkable. This Earth and Humanity are well on their way to becoming a 5th dimensional, Galactic Society. So much has already changed.

Now things are going to speed up for you, A Big part of disclosure has already taken place, and Many more Humans are waking up, and becoming aware of the Truth of their existence, And the truth of Our Existence, and the Truth of a Hidden agenda to stop you from ever knowing this Truth.

Many of you have been doing this work for many years, and have watched this all taking place. We understand your wanting to rush things, To get it over and done, But if the ascension, would have happened 10 years ago, most of you would not have made it. This is why it is so important for the infinite Creator to make sure as many humans are awake as can be before the grand event takes place. Every opportunity will be given to ensure that all that wish to rise in Light, will rise.

Don't Give up Now, Have Compassion and Patience for those who are still Lost in the Illusions. Someone else had that Love, compassion, and Patience, for you.

We Witness you, We Celebrate you and we Love you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to serve the Divine.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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